When it comes to including a superfood in your diet, there are numerous options available, including various fruits, nuts, spices, and seeds. While everyone is obsessed with tiny nutrient-dense seeds like chia, pumpkin, and flax, we'd like to draw your attention to another tiny treasure trove of nutrients: aliv seeds. Aliv seeds are a nutritional powerhouse. In fact, because of their high nutritional value, these tiny seeds are beneficial to your overall health. Minerals, vitamin E, A, folic acid, protein, iron, folate, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, and fibre are abundant. Furthermore, they are high in antioxidants, which reduce the risk of developing a variety of diseases, including heart disease and certain cancers. 

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Garden cress seeds, also known as aliv seeds, can be consumed raw, sprouted, or as part of a regular diet. Additionally, these seeds are simple to add to milk, laddoos, stews, soups, and salads. 


Treat Bones: These seeds can be consumed with water or warm milk to help heal internal fractures. 

Maintains Healthy Liver: Aliv seeds aid in the protection of our liver from harmful toxins. A daily dose of these seeds helps to protect the liver and maintain a healthy metabolism. 

Memory Booster: Consuming around 10 grams of seeds, or 2 teaspoons of seeds, is beneficial to overall health. 

Boost iron and haemoglobin levels: They aid in the treatment of anaemia due to their high iron and folic acid content. 

Helps In Lactation To New Mothers: One of the most common galactagogues, which are foods that are used to induce, maintain, and increase breast milk production. 

Nutrient Dense: They are high in protein and fat, as well as antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. It can be given to children and teenagers to help them eat better. 

Regulates Cardiac Problems: Hypercholesterolemia, dyslipidemia, and associated cardiovascular diseases are among the world's most serious health issues. Regular consumption of Aliv seeds is beneficial to cardiac patients. 

Diabetic Friendly: Aliv seeds are beneficial to diabetic patients because they reduce blood glucose levels and lower blood cholesterol levels. 

Reduces The Risk Of Breast Cancer: These seeds have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. Because it is high in antioxidants and phytosterols, it is very effective in preventing free radical damage to cells.