Here’s Why Overripe Bananas Are Very Healthy

A majority of us, when see overripe bananas in our kitchen, tend to throw them as we believe that they would no longer be fresh and thus, would be useless. Overripe bananas are considered to be unfit for usage as we think that they have rotted or got damaged. But we are wrong, overripe bananas don’t lose their nutritional value at all. They may not look appetizing as they attain a brown colour and turns soggy, but they actually get healthier. Though overripe bananas have a higher sugar than their green counterparts, they have other benefits as well. Let us see some lesser-known health benefits of overripe bananas. 

Prevents cell damage

As per, overripe bananas have high antioxidants and thus are beneficial in preventing cell damage in the body. It is also reported that overripe bananas are helpful for boosting the immune system.

Combats cancer

This might come as a shock to you but overripe bananas can actually help in combating cancer. Some studies suggest that the dark spots that emerge on the bananas when they ripen too much, create a substance called Tumor Necrosis Factor that can kill abnormal and cancerous cells. 

Works as antacid

Some studies have suggested that overripe bananas work as an antacid and thus, they protect the stomach walls and protect from irritation and harmful acids. 

Good for cardiovascular health 

Bananas have a high content of potassium irrespective of their ripeness and this means that eating bananas can help in managing the body’s cholesterol level. The fiber content in bananas also helps in reducing heart diseases whereas the copper and iron content is beneficial for maintaining blood count and hemoglobin levels. 

Wao!! So many health benefits that we didn’t even know about. So, the next time when you find bananas turning brown, do not throw them away and you know why. We do know that overripe bananas are safe and rather healthy for consumption but what you don’t know is a quick recipe of pancakes made from overripe bananas. This recipe is as quick as it can get and is made with just three ingredients. Try this amazing recipe and thank us later!


  • 1 overripe banana
  • 1 egg
  • 1 big spoon of all-purpose flour


  • Take a bowl and add the overripe banana. Mash it properly.
  • Break one egg in the bowl and mix again.
  • Add maida and mix everything together to get a thick consistency.
  • Take a pan and add ½ tsp butter to it.
  • Once it melts, add the banana batter and let it sizzle.
  • Flip it to the other side and let it cook.
  • When done, shift it into a plate and add maple syrup or pancake syrup (totally optional)


Believe me, this pancake tastes so much better than how it looks. We haven’t added any sugar to the pancake as overripe bananas have a higher content of sugar as compared to other bananas. This pancake recipe is the easiest and the healthiest. So, don’t wait any further and try it now!!