Here Are Most Popular Roasting Sticks In India
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Can't wait to enjoy a laid-back evening with your friends and family after a long week? Campfires and barbecues are the way to go. If you've been a part of any barbecue parties, you must know that one of the top few things you need to get off to a great barbecue is a reliable set of roasting sticks. 

The struggle to find a dependable set of roasting sticks is real. You want to purchase reusable and strong sticks to avoid running into problems while grilling. If the quality of your roasting sticks is compromised, they will be harder to flip and may overheat. This blog brings the top five roasting sticks you can buy in India to host a successful barbecue party.

Top 5 Roasting Sticks In India

1. VJR 13 Inch Stainless Steel Skewer Square Rod With Wood Handle

This set of roasting sticks is a pack of six highly durable sticks. Each Skewer measures 13 Inches long. It has a stainless steel square rod of 10 Inches fitted to a sturdy wooden handle of 3 Inches. Square rod skewers don't allow the food like, Chunks of meat, fish, vegetables to slip while rotating over the grilling period. It helps to keep the roasting food in a place.

The stainless steel material of these skewers makes it easy to clean and maintain. Cleaning can be done quickly by hand. These roasting sticks can be reused multiple times. It is the ideal economic choice for barbeque and marshmallow nights.


2.   SpiderJuice barbeque bamboo skewers

Whether you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, these long toothpick barbeque kebab snack sticks will help you roast or grill your favorite dish easily, even at your home or while you are camping with friends. It is a very useful product to all those foodies and travelers. Prepare anything from  tandoori chicken kabab and paneer tikka to potato twister and chicken seekh with this set of roasting sticks by your side.

What makes this the ideal choice is that it serves 170 pieces in a packet at inexpensive rates. Since it is made of wood, it releases a minimum carbon footprint. Due to this, it becomes the perfect choice for travelers and campers.


3. Unitedlys Bamboo Skewers Sticks

What sets Uniredlys bamboo skewers apart from the others is that their wooden material makes them durable and easy to maintain. These roasting sticks offer great outcomes. It's lightweight yet steady exterior allows you to effortlessly roll the sticks on top of the barbeque grill. It has a pointy front to slide into the meat with extreme ease.

In fact, these roasting sticks simplify the serving of roasted food. It is the ideal choice for seafood, barbeque, cheese stuffings, marshmallow, kebab stick, and just about anything you can think of to roast on the grill or campfire. It comes in 180 pieces that are good-to-go upon soaking in warm water for just 10 minutes.


4. Swadhin Stainless Steel Skewers

If you want to level up your barbeque game by a notch, consider this stainless steel roasting stick. It comes with a wooden handle offering an excellent grip on the stick. Its safe and secured stainless steel provides a seamless grilling experience no matter where you are. The stainless steel needle requires low maintenance and washes off easily

This is an all-purpose roasting stick that will bode well with everything, ranging from campfire cooking to camping cookware. Its wooden handle is non-slippery, which makes it easier to twist and roll over the stick. Whether you're cooking veg or non-veg, this roasting stick will offer great results.

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5. Generic Barbecue skewers

These roasting sticks broadcast a fresh approach to barbecue skewers. Instead of the standard, needle-like is rounder for greater convenience and keeps the sticks steady while grilling. Its loop handle offers a surer grip while flipping the sticks on the other side. Moreover, these roasting sticks are reusable, heat-resistant, and rust-proof.

Apart from its convenient grip, the wooden handles on the roasting sticks increase the aesthetic value of your grilling experience. Its heat resistance is promising enough to safely be used in the kitchen, grill base, and non-stick pans. The steel's non-toxicity and the wooden handle's sure grip together make this roasting stick a go-to choice.


Now that you're at the end of this blog, we hope you have more clarity on the roasting sticks you can opt for. All of these options are budget-friendly and come with several perks. Have a seamless experience and spread your love for food through extravagant barbecue and campfire nights.