Heard Of 'Safed Jamun' or 'Jamrul'? Know How It Is Beneficial

Summer is the best time to enjoy some of the juiciest and healthiest fruits. And among the tropical fruits that one must have in summer, is ‘Safed Jamun’ or ‘Jamrul’. Heard of it before? Ask any Bengali and he or she will tell you about this fruit in detail. Also known as rose apple or wax apple, this fruit comes with a tart taste and juicy flesh. Most commonly eaten fresh, this fruit could also be put into salads or can also be pickled. 

This tropical fruit is native to Southeast Asia and is cultivated in several tropical regions across the world on a large scale. With a bell-shaped body, this fruit has a crisp texture with flesh that is juicy and translucent. When the fruit fully ripens, its outer skin may change the colour. And you know what? This fruit is healthy too. Known for its cooling properties, this fruit is high in vitamins and minerals. Let us know why this fruit is a must have in summer. 

Prevents Dehydration 

Jamrul or wax apple has a high-water content and thus, becomes a perfect summer fruit. It keeps the body hydrated and refreshed. It can prevent dehydration to a great extent. Packed with vitamins, minerals and flavours, the fruit can revitalize the body and quench the thirst. 

Boosts Immunity 

Jamrul is a fruit powerhouse of vitamins A and C and thus, helps in boosting immunity. It also promotes healthy skin. Besides, jamrul also has high fiber content which makes it beneficial for promoting better digestion and better gut health. 

Can Aid Weight Loss 

Jamrul is one such refreshing and hydrating fruit which is extremely low in calories. It also has a low content of fat and thus qualifies to be a fruit ideal for weight loss. One can have this fruit raw, as salads or even as some snacks. 

Promotes Healthy Bones And Teeth 

You may not know but jamrul has a good content of calcium. Because of this, it can help in strengthening bones and teeth. It also contains other minerals like potassium and magnesium and thus can be beneficial for bone health. 

Cleanses Liver And Kidney 

Rose apple or jamrul contains so many antioxidants that can efficiently treat liver problems. Because of its antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, this fruit can prevent liver ailments that may be due to anemia, malnutrition or any other infection. It also promotes healthy kidney health. 

Have you ever tried this fruit??