Healthy And Quick: 5 Protein Rich Options For A Nutritious Meal
Image Credit: Tofu with rice

We have heard a lot about having a protein rich diet and this is for a reason. Protein-rich food can help the human body is so many ways. Right from building muscles to weight management, protein can do a lot. And for those trying to shed those extra kilos, protein-rich diet could be a boon for you. High protein meals have the potential of not only satisfying untimely hunger pangs but keeping you full for a longer time.  

When a protein-rich diet is followed by the right exercise regime, it can build lean muscles and burn more calories in the day. And if you think that having a protein-rich diet is a hard task, you are mistaken. We have brought some healthy and quick recipes that will provide the right amount of protein intake to your body and will keep you healthy and fit. These dishes are easy to make and can be consumed for breakfast or lunch or dinner. 

Paneer Bhurji 

Paneer and protein go hand in hand. Not just this paneer dish is delicious, but power packed with the goodness of protein. It has basic spices and veggies and goes well with chapati or bread slices. Wanna know how to make it? Here’s the recipe. 

Masala Oats 

For those who don’t know, 100 grams of oats contain 17 grams of protein. Masala oats is one such quick meal which is filling as well as satisfying. And if you are trying to lose weight, this should be on your list. Here is how you can make it. 

Curried Tofu With Rice 

Tofu is made up with coagulated soy milk and has a high content of protein. It is also rich in calcium and iron. You can make curries tofu and serve it with rice for a wholesome meal. With added goodness of spices and veggies, it becomes delicious. Follow the steps below to make it at home. 

Mexican Bean Salad 

Beans may look boring, but they are very delicious and healthy. This Mexican bean salad is a proof. This salad looks tempting and is power packed with protein. Add the veggies and dips to enhance the flavour and serve. Scroll down to see the recipe. 

Chicken Quinoa Bowl 

This light, delicious and healthy one pot meal has the goodness of chicken and quinoa, both loaded with protein. Believe me, this recipe is perfect for those who want something healthy and filling quickly. Here’s how you can make it at home. 

Give these recipes a try and DO NOT compromise on your protein intake!