Health Benefits of Brandy You Must Know

I remember my dad giving me a spoon of something mixed with honey whenever I had a cough and cold in my childhood or even now. After having that ‘something,’ my father would ask me to sleep. When the next day I used to wake up, I would feel much better. I never tried looking into the thing my father gave to me but as soon as grew, I realized that it was nothing but brandy. Yes, you read that right!

Then I thought it might be a thing that all Army dads have but I was wrong again. Soon I got to know that most of people especially in North India have a little dose of brandy to get rid of their cold. Yes, this is true. Let us tell you that not every drink that we consume is bad for our health and here brandy comes into the picture. Brandy serves as a medication for ample health problems and helps us to stay protected from certain ailments as well. It comes in a variety of flavours and each flavours has its own nuances. Let’s discuss this in detail. 

Brandy is an alcoholic beverage that is reported to be originated in the 15th or 16th century by vintners in Spain. Mostly, this drink which is prepared from the fruit-based mash is considered an after-dinner and late evening drink. It has always been the best choice for those looking for high-quality alcohol. The drink derives its name from Dutch word ‘Brandwijn’ which means ‘burnt wine’. Most of the brandies are obtained from applying heat to wine originally from open flames. The heat then drives out and concentrates the alcohol present naturally in the wine. Though derived from wine, brandy is aged in oak barrels which increases its alcohol content and gives a colour to it.

Let us have a look at some lesser-known health benefits of brandy. Don’t miss it!

Good for the immune system

Brandy has been used as a traditional solution for colds, coughs and flu and this has been going on for years. This drink has natural warming properties and thus, helps in inducing healthy and peaceful sleep. Moreover, its antibacterial nature strengthens the immune system.

Beneficial for heart patients

Just like many other alcohol types, brandy has positive impacts on the heart if drunk in moderation. As per some studies, it has a huge range of antioxidants just like wine. It can help in getting rid of bad cholesterol from the body and balancing out the cholesterol level.

Anti-ageing properties

This is a thing that you may not have even thought about. But it’s true! Brandy has beneficial antioxidant compounds that neutralize the effect of free radicals and mutate healthy cells in the body. Thus, it prevents wrinkles and ageing. Also, brandy is considered beneficial for cognitive issues and poor vision. All these benefits in a single drink. Wao!!

Good for cancer patients

Though there are several cases where cancer has been exacerbated due to the excess consumption of alcohol, studies suggest that brandy can actually help in its prevention and even cure in some cases. Brandy contains ellagic acid that prevents the development of unwanted cancerous cells. 

So, these are some benefits that we believe many of you didn’t know. Let us know if you about any other drink with similar benefits.