Have You Tried Bihar’s Protein-Rich Sattu Ka Paratha?
Image Credit: Pixabay, Sattu is a superfood that you cannot miss.

Any conversation around Bihari cuisine revolves around littis and chokhas and we aren’t surprised. After all, litti chokha is a classic combination from the state and a delicious treat to the taste buds too. But how many of you know about the ingredients that go into the making of litti? It is a super food that is full of nutrition and keeps you really full. Still cannot guess? Well, we’re talking about sattu. Sattu, for those untouched by the phenomenon, is a nutritious, protein-rich ingredient that is ground into a flour using pulses like chana dal or Bengal gram. This powerhouse of energy is stuffed into the baked balls of litti and served with a side of spicy mashed eggplant and potatoes. 

However, this miraculous ingredient cannot be utilized to its fullest potential by just including it in one dish, right? And the Biharis knew that so they came up with Sattu ka paratha too. Yes, you read that right. Made with the same sattu flour, the flatbread is stuffed with roasted chana dal and a few spices. The coarse and grainy texture of the paratha is what makes it unqiue. Unlike the soft and moist aloo and onion parathas that people enjoy in parts of Punjab and Haryana, the sattu ka paratha is a Bihari specialty. A staple breakfast item from the region, you would find most households rolling out these flatbread early morning. 

Before we delve into how the sattu ka paratha is made, you should know about the great benefits of this super flour. Commonly consumed in states like Bihar and Jharkhand, the fanfare for sattu has also spread to neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan. The protein-rich mixture of ground pulses and cereals finds mention in texts like the Quran. It is also said that sattu was a great way to satiate appetite during wars due to its long shelf life and energy-boosting properties. In fact, some go on to say that Tibetan monks were the ones to introduce us to this nutritious flour during their journey of enlightenment. 

From Kargil war to scouts and guides, monks to holy prophets, the origin story of sattu is quite diverse and varied. Consuming sattu during summers is the best thing to do because it has cooling properties. No wonder people relish a glass of sattu ka sharbat during the sweltering heat. It even allows better digestion and can aid weight loss too. 

With so much that sattu has to offer, how can you not try sattu ka paratha. The first step is to prepare a stuffing of roasted chana dal and spruce it up with onions, coriander, green chillies and spices like amchur powder, salt and ajwain. Knead the dough with wheat flour and roll out a paratha stuffed with this filling. Toss it on a tawa and cook from both sides until crisp. Use mustard oil for slathering on the paratha. Finally, serve it hot with some fresh curd. 

Here’s a detailed recipe that you can try at home.