Have You Tasted These 5 Types of Apples From Himachal Pradesh?
Image Credit: A basket full of apples, vecteezy

The state of Himachal Pradesh produces most of India's apples. More than 90% of Himachal's fruit revenue comes from apple sales. Kullu, Kinnaur, Shimla, and Mandi are the important apple-growing regions in Himachal Pradesh. Stunning apple orchards are a significant draw for tourists in the state. Different types of Himalayan apples can be traced back to the colonial era. Here, we present five uncommon apple variants found in Himalayan orchards.

 Royal Red 

The royal red apple is one of Himachal's oldest and most widely sold fruits. They're milder in flavour than imported apples but just as sweet, juicy, and delicious—deep crimson skin with green flecks. The crisp texture of these apples is part of what gives them their regal elegance and flavour. This Himachal apple species is the most nutritious option for making smoothies. Here's a suggestion if you do decide to get some. Each apple should be individually wrapped in paper to prevent damage and deterioration.

Dark Baron Gala

Dark baron gala apples, Image Source: darkbaron.pl

These apples are a rare and unique variety within the Gala apple family, boasting the finest of both flavour and appearance. The fruit size is almost similar to a medium apple and has a deep ruby hue. They have thick skin and are exceptionally juicy for Himachal apples. Its yellowish flesh is crisp and delicious, making it perfect for dessert. To appreciate their distinctive caramel flavour, try these in fruit custards.

Scarlett Tip

The Scarlet Spur apple is a descendant of a group of Red Delicious seedlings chosen randomly. It blooms four days before Golden Delicious and has a slow growth rate. Golden, Granny Smith, Gala, and Fuji apples help pollinate the Himachal variety. Once the grove is established, the yield from this one is exceptional. The fruit has an outer skin that is brilliant crimson and measures about 65-80 millimetres in diameter. The apples, on the other hand, have white flesh, are sweet, and lack acidity.

Golden Delicious

Golden delicious apples, Image Source: freerangestock

In terms of tree size, the Golden Delicious cultivar is a robust and spreading grower. You may graft Himalayan apple trees onto just about any apple rootstock. These apples are of a nice size and sweeter. As far as fruits go, this one check all the boxes regarding nutritional value. Its meat is pale yellow, and its skin is a pale yellowish green. These apples are not only delicious, but they also lend a wonderful visual element to any sweet dish.

 Red Velox

The red Velox variants are slow-developing. These also reach full bloom before Golden Delicious apples do. These apples from Himachal Pradesh have a high and stable output. Red Velox berries are big and mostly red. They're also traditionally conical in shape, like the Red Delicious. The initial shipment of five rare apples from Himachal Pradesh to Bahrain included this.