Heard About Granny Smith Or Tydeman’s Early? These Are Apples

How many different apple types have you tasted out of the more than 15 that are available in India? Nothing is more nutrient-dense and healthful than an apple, which is why people often use the proverb "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." This fruit, which is sweet, juicy, and crispy, adjusts to its surroundings, which affects the flavour and crispness of the apples. So, if you're interested in learning more about the apple varieties in India? Here are some popular apple varieties from India that you should try! 

Ambri Apple 

The Kashmir valley is home to Ambri Apples, also referred to as Kashmiri Apples. These apples are the most popular variety in Northern India due to its texture, flavour, and traditional sweet scent. These apples have wonderful, delicious, crisp meat, and this particular variety of apple features red and green stripes on the outside. This is frequently referred to as Kashmir's pride. 

McIntosh Apple 

These are the authentic McIntosh apples, grown in the Himalayan foothills of Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, and Himachal Pradesh. These apples are commonly used to make sweets, jellies, jams, pies, and cakes because of their somewhat sweet and tangy flavour and crisp texture. The flesh of these apples is an off-white colour, while the skin of these apples has a faint red and green admixture. This apple is mainly eaten raw in hilly places. 

Granny Smith 

The Granny Smith apple has a distinctive colour, flavour, scent, and texture that make it one of the most traditional apple varieties. The name Granny Smith sounds exotic. This crunchy, tart, and juicy apple variety, which is used to make beverages, jams, pastries, cakes, and sweets, is brimming with nutrients and antioxidants like polyphenols. Typically, Himachal Pradesh is where this apple variety is cultivated. 


This traditional apple variety is recognised for its sweetness and crisp texture and is sweet but sour. If properly maintained, this apple has a long shelf life and retains its freshness and crispness for a very long period. These apples are wonderful for eating raw or as a salad, and they can make delightful sauces and drinks. 

Chaubattia Anupam 

Apple hybrids known as Chaubattia Anupam were created in India by crossing Early Shanburry and Red Delicious varieties. Significant amounts of this hybrid cultivar are grown in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. These apples feature shiny exteriors with red vertical stripes. The apple's flesh, on the other hand, is pale in colour and has a sweet and sour flavour. 

Golden Delicious 

These apples have a lovely greenish-yellow skin, just like the name of this variation. These apples have an exquisitely sweet flavour, a silky texture, and a faint perfume that instantly enhance the flavour of any delicacy. It is used to produce jams, sauces, and apple butter in addition to being mixed into salads to add flavour. In the hilly regions of Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh, this variation is also present. 


This is another another well-liked apple variety created by merging the genes of Golden Exquisite and Ambri apples. The work was well worth it, as the hybrid apple yielded delicious results. The lovely golden peels of Sunehari apples have red streaks. This apple's flesh has a sweet-acetic flavour and is crisp and juicy. 

Fuji Apple 

These apple varieties have recently grown in popularity due to their delectable flavour, crisp texture, sweet flesh, and subtle flavour. These apples are bigger than other apples in terms of size. Additionally, the skin of these apples is a pale red-green, and most people eat them uncooked. 

Tydeman’s Early 

A well-known apple variety from the mountainous regions of Himachal Pradesh and J&K is called Tydeman's Early. Tydeman's Early is a traditional apple variety that is mostly enjoyed in the form of pies and fresh salads. It has a typical red surface and a yellowish-green base. 

Red Delicious 

This kind is dark crimson in colour and has a little sweet flavour. This well-liked apple variety is a native of Himachal Pradesh's Mountains. Typically, this apple is enjoyed fresh or when added to salads, chutneys, or locally made jams. The oblong-conical shape of this variety, which cultivators produced through deception, distinguishes it from others. 

Gala Apple 

This apple variety is popular throughout the nation and is typically enormous in size. Made primarily for desserts, cakes, salads, and juices. This particular variety of apple is utilised to make apple juice since it is recognised for its sweetness. 

Irish Peach 

Although the name might give you pause, the apple flavour of this variation won't let you down. This apple variety is native to the Jammu and Kashmir region and is well-known for its sweet flavour and peachy aroma and flavour, which add a hint of fresh and fruit notes to your dishes. It is also frequently consumed raw or used in local cuisines. 

Parlin’s Beauty 

This apple variety originates from the southern Indian state of Tamilnadu. Typically a late-season apple with a crisp, sweet flavour. used to create traditional jams and chutneys. 

Winesap Apple 

The flavour of Winesap Apple is distinctively sweet and spicy. Apple cider vinegar is made with this type of apple. This apple distinguishes itself from other apple varieties with its traditional reddish and violet colouring. Cider, which has many uses in daily life, is made by fermenting the extracts of these apples. 

Starking Delicious 

This apple variety originates in the Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh hills. These apples are eye-catching because of their greenish skin and crimson stripes, and they are a well-liked variety in North India due to their mild flavour with a hint of honey.