Have This Kadha To Have Warm Winters

To keep our bodies warm as the weather changes, we also make many dietary modifications. We require a diet that boosts immunity throughout the winter or when the cold gets worse, and for that purpose, you can take a Kadha made with carom seeds and black pepper. This Kadha has a significant amount of antioxidants and can fend off a number of illnesses. Black pepper helps heal sore throats and blocked noses since it has anti-inflammatory qualities and a large level of vitamin C. Additionally, the use of carom seeds is said to help prevent bloating, gas, and indigestion. We'll discuss the numerous advantages of this Kadha today, as well as how to create it. 


Heat 2 cups of water in a pan over a medium temperature to create this decoction. Black pepper and carom seeds, each 1 tbsp, should be added. Turn off the gas once the water has been reduced to around half. Add a small amount of honey and a half-teaspoon of lemon juice to it. This Kadha may be consumed twice daily. 

Weight loss 

If you want to reduce weight, combine equal parts of ajwain and black pepper each day and drink it with lukewarm water. Ajwain, which includes fibre, satisfies hunger. Additionally, the piperine included in black pepper aids in weight loss. Additionally, consuming this Kadha may assist you in maintaining your weight. 

Aids Digestion 

The ajwain in this Kadha helps to promote gastric acid and digestive enzymes, which is very good for the digestive system. On the other hand, black pepper's piperine helps digestion. 

Relieves Gastric Issues 

Take carom and black pepper powder if you frequently get gastric issues. Ajwain has a substance called thymol that treats constipation and gas issues. Black pepper, on the other hand, contains antioxidants. Fresh carom seeds and black pepper can be ground into a powder to provide immediate relief from gas. Eat the powdered version of it with a glass of warm water and a pinch of rock salt. 

Treats Infections 

You can eat a combination of carom seeds and black pepper to treat viral infections. Given that both of these spices are high in vitamin C and antioxidants, this Kadha is thought to be the most helpful in viral infection. If you don't add some honey to the Kadha when you eat it, the bitterness will overpower you. 


You must consume this Kadha if you get joint ache. Anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory effects of black pepper are well established. Carom seeds are also recognised for their ability to reduce inflammation. Additionally, you can grind both spices into a paste and add a little lukewarm water to it for immediate relief. To achieve immediate pain relief, apply this ointment to the joints.