The pandemic has taught all of us the importance of immunity for good health. The immune system is the first line of defence in a human body, and a strong immune system not only helps prevent several infections but also lowers the effects of some others. Since 2020, health experts around the world have been stressing more and more on the importance of a strong immune system amid the pandemic. And we are trying every way out - from yoga to healthy eating - to nourish us from within. Several nuskas have also made their way back into our lives, with the good old kadha (or herbal tea) being the most popular one. 

Perhaps the most well-known remedy in Ayurveda, for not just one or two but countless health issues, kadha has been promoted by our dadis and nanis since ages, and they have always coaxed us to have kadha as soon as the season changed. Well, they aren’t really wrong. And we know this now because the world has woken up to the many benefits of the magical drink!

Kadha is an Ayurvedic home remedy to treat everything from cold and cough to seasonal infections whilst boosting our immunity. It involves a number of spices and herbs boiled in water, extracting their maximum benefits. The range of these spices and herbs are from your own kitchen cabinet, making one of the most inexpensive remedies to all your health woes. All the spices and herbs in your kitchen are potent and have medicinal properties and kadha is just about bringing everything together.  

From turmeric, ginger, black pepper to honey and herbs like tulsi, are dried, grinded and boiled with water into a kadha, making perhaps one of the oldest forms of medicine invented by humanity. As per experts, kadha is basically prepared with ingredients that you can't juice like dry spices and herbs. It is an age-old remedy that is often made differently in different homes.  

One can add or subtract any spice or herb, while the method of boiling in water remains the same. Since almost all our spices at home and herbs like tulsi and giloy, the root of immortality, are brimming with nutrients and antioxidants, they help in relieving a number of infections and boost immunity. We bring to you one of the most widely preferred recipes for kadha.


Turmeric - 1 tsp  

Clove - 6-7  

Black pepper- 1 tsp  

Tulsi leaves - 6-7  

Cinnamon - 2 sticks  

Ginger - 1 inch  

Mulethi - 2-3 sticks 


1. Take water in a pan, add all the spices and herbs together.

2. Let it boil for about 10 minutes.  

3. Serve warm. 

You can also add a tsp of honey for flavour.