Harira: This Moroccan Soup Is All You Need To Warm Your Soul This Winter
Image Credit: Source: Masalamojo/Facebook

Has the chilly weather outside already played its game on your palate? Are you always craving something warm and comforting to savour during these winters? Do you want to try something delicious and healthy as well? Well, we get you because we are too. With the nip in the air is already felt and the temperature dropping continuously, we know it's time for us to snuggle in our blankets with a warm and delicious beverage/food on the side. 

Personally, I am tired of indulging in the regular winter classics. The chai, hot chocolate, coffee and soups no more excite me. With my heart craving something new, I decided to get my hands on the Morrocan comfort food-Harira. My first encounter with the term happened when one of my Muslim friends mentioned that Harira is one of the staple foods eaten at her house during Ramadan. The soup is served with a serving of dates along with a honey-soaked sweet known as chebakya after a day of fasting. 

Upon researching more about the history of Harira, I came across the fact that the soup is considered the national soup of Morocco. The soup has its roots in the region and is fondly savoured by the natives. The authentic dish takes some time to be prepared. The chickpeas are to be soaked separately from the legumes, the tomatoes must be boiled with some spices and the mixture must be blended perfectly into a smooth soup. The name of the dish itself is derived from the Arabic word meaning ‘smooth’. All the ingredients that go into the soup have immense nutritional benefits that are perfect to keep you healthy during winters. The tomatoes, lentils, chickpeas, legumes, dried spices, fresh herbs and the meat broth make it filling and the perfect winter warmer. 

To make harira soup at home, soak the chickpeas and the lentils overnight, boil or blanch the tomatoes to make a smooth puree, grate the onions to make a thick puree and chop the coriander leaves, celery and parsley leaves. Brown the meat pieces in the pressure cooker till its caramelized, add the prepped ingredients along with an inch of ginger, pepper and cinnamon and cook for 20-25 minutes till the chickpeas are perfectly cooked. After cooking the chickpeas, adjust the seasoning according to your preferences and serve hot. 

Try this Moroccan delight this winter and let us know how you like it.