Hardik's Chef Reveals His Comfort Food: It's Moong Dal Khichdi
Image Credit: hardikpandya93/instagram

Made from rice and lentils, moong dal khichdi is a wholesome meal that gets its flavour from the tempering of various aromatic spices. The combination of rice and pulse, makes moong dal khichdi a complete meal that fulfills all nutritional requirements of the body. This is because rice has good amount of carbohydrates along with other vitamins and minerals that acts a fuel to provide energy to the body for the whole day. On the other hand, moong dal is dense in protein that contributes in growing and repairing tissues, building muscles, bones and blood. Being an integral part of Indian cuisine, this superfood is also light and easy to digest. 

Moong dal khichdi is a staple in Indian diet, be it for weight loss or upset stomach, this quick and easy to prepare dish has never left our side. Here are few health benefits of the comforting moong dal khichdi: 

1. Easy To Digest 

Apart from the amazing nutritional benefits, moong dal khichdi is also good for weak stomach. You can improvise your khichdi which veggies, and spices of your choice based on the age group of the people who are eating. Like for small kids and elderly people, the quantity of spices needs to be less. 

2. Aids Weight Loss 

Rich in fibre and carbs, it is also good for weight loss diet. The content of protein present in the dish also helps keeping the metabolism level high and stomach full for a longer duration which curbs the craving of calorie intake.

3. Gluten Free 

If you are trying to avoid gluten in your diet, moong dal khichdi is perfect source of nutrition for you. Quick and easy to prepare, none of its ingredients have any gluten in them. It is also very light that can keep you active. 

4. Boosts Immunity And Heart Health 

As it is dense in protein, this wholesome dish can also help in building immunity and managing cholesterol levels. It is also beneficial for maintaining blood sugar levels thus, good for diabetic patients as well, just keep a check on seasoning spices. 

Add this super healthy and delicious khichdi in your diet and stay fit like Hardik Pandya.