Make Way For Perfect Post-Strength-Training Vegan Protein Shake
Image Credit: Pexels, vegan protein shake

When it comes to selecting the right food as pre, intra or post-workout, the fitness world seems to have contradictory opinions. However, the role of protein in strength training has fitness experts vouching for it. Those who have been into strength training would agree to experience a hunger pang after a rigorous session with weights. This is when fitness gurus suggest having a protein shake. The market is flooded with an array of protein powder options and ready-to-drink protein shakes. But you can whip up a quick and easy-to-make post-workout vegan protein shake at home without burdening your pocket. 

Before you try the recipe, you must learn why you must include protein in your post-workout meal. It is a natural process for the human body craving for nutritional support following medium to high-intensity weight training. Such physical exercise induces a sudden drop in essential muscle glycogen. It also causes muscle structure to breakdown. However, this meltdown needn't be an adverse condition. This leads to the onset of the incredible remodelling process. In other words, it indicates the body's natural ability to rebuild stronger and better-adapted muscles.

This function needs the appropriate nutritional aid to let it work efficiently. It is when the post-workout nutrition pitches in. Dietary protein helps in both muscle building and repair. According to a few fitness experts, there is an ideal way to include protein post-workout. One must consume it within an hour after the training. It also differs for women and men. Ideally, women must try to take it within half an hour. And for men, it should be within 60 minutes. 

Let's learn the recipe for an easy-to-make vegan protein shake.


Rolled oats, almonds and seeds

    2 tbsp of rolled oats

    2 tsp of chia seeds

    3-4 almonds

    1 1/2 tbsp of pea protein powder 

    3-4 pitted dates

    1 tsp of organic honey (optional)

    a pinch of cinnamon powder

    1 cup of coconut milk or almond milk

    1 ripe banana

    Water (as per the required consistency)


Vegan shake

1.    In a blender, pour the rolled oats, almonds and chia seeds and ground them into a powder. (Don't add water)

2.    Now blend in the protein powder and churn one more time.

3.    Break the banana into small pieces and shred the pitted dates. Add them into the oats mixed powder and give a thorough churn.

4.    Ensure that all the ingredients are mixed well, and there is no lump.

5.    Pour the coconut milk or vegan milk of your choice. Whip the mixture to make a lump-free smoothie.

6.    Taste the sweetness. If required, add the honey according to your preference.

7.    Now transfer it into a mug or a shaker and refrigerate for an hour.

8.    To consume it after a post strength training, take it out from the refrigerator and stir it well. If the consistency feel too thick, you can mix water to get the desired density. Now add a pinch of cinnamon powder. 

Enjoy this refreshing and filling vegan protein shake and let your body repair and build muscles and restore energy.