Happy Birthday Ananya Panday: Know Her Favourite Foods
Image Credit: Ananya Panday, Image Source: Instagram/Shutterstock

Ever since she entered the silver screen, Ananya Panday has been a heartthrob of many. Her subtle beauty, calming persona and slender figure add to her popularity. While the Liger actress is known for her fit body and strict workout regime, her food indulgences are no secret. She has been vocal about her love for grubs, and her social media handles vouch for them. She is an epicurean setting example for her fans to eat without guilt and burn extra calories by working out. As the PYT is gearing up for her birthday, i.e., 30 October, we tried to find out what makes her favourite food list.

An ideal day's meal

On regular days for her breakfast, she usually has eggs, bread toast and black coffee. Lunch is often a chicken sandwich, while dinner consists of a portion of chicken or grilled fish and soup. She is a fan of seafood, especially salmon and prawns. Her favourite veggie is bhindi or okra. Instead of having vegetables as salads, she prefers a thoroughly cooked Indian curry or fried (bhaaji). She is allergic to a lot of food and rice doesn't really go well with her. Thus, bread and Indian flatbreads, especially cheese naan, are her staple main course. 

 Burgers are bae

The damsel can't resist burgers, and it was evident when she in May this year shared pictures and captioned them, "never getting over Nevada. Throwback to the best time shooting for Liger." The images spoke of how she missed food out of all the things. Guess what? Those were drool-worthy images of burgers. One of them was her selfie holding a chunky burger oozing with cheese and stuffed with patty and veggies. 

Italian cuisine has her heart

In Ananya Panday's culinary explorations, pizza frequently appears. There is no denying that this Italian cuisine has captured the actress's heart. She had previously posed with several pizzas in one of her posts and captioned it: "It's called balance.". In another Instagram post, she included images of a pizza with pepperoni toppings, heaps of cheese, and a plate of spicily prepared spaghetti.

Ananya enjoying burger and pizza, Image Source: Instagram

French connection

 Ananya has trained her taste buds to relish global food. How could French cuisine be left behind if Italian and American foods can woo her? Just look at her Instagram profile and the number of posts, and you will find her feasting on French fries or a chocolaty French toast made by her younger sister.

Desi khana

She is equally fond of Indian food. Her favourite desi khana list includes creamy butter chicken and delicious sooji ka halwa. Whenever she gets a chance, she indulges in them to her heart's content. Well, her preferences aren't just rich Indian delicacies. She has an equal fetish for hyper-local street foods. It was proved when she teased her fans and team during the monsoon season by tempting them with a picture of bhajia pav, the famous snack from Mumbai. The actor is quite a pro at tasting the iconic dishes of any place she visits. In the summer of 2022, when she visited Lucknow, she successfully snuck out to get some biryani despite a time-crunched stay. "Goodbye abs!" she captioned her Instagram story. It's Biryani time. The following tale found her enjoying a Tunday Kebab in a restaurant. The witty actor answered one of her friends, saying, "I don't seek attention; I seekh kebab".

Butter chicken, Image source: Unsplash

Can't say no to sweet

Miss Panday clearly can't say no to sweet something. And we have seen her craze for them. Her same post recollecting the food from Liger set had a number of images in which she devoured ice cream and yummy desserts. Likewise, once, she honestly confessed to being in love with a cup of hot chocolate fudge. She shared a picture of the dessert with the caption "Hot choco fudge" on Instagram stories, and she ordered it from Delhi's iconic store Nirula. 

Chocolate cookies, Image Source: Unsplash

And it was followed by relishing a lavish serving of Sundae. On another occasion, she didn't shy away from letting her sweet tooth go gaga over a spread which included exotic chocolate truffle balls, pannacotta, and gorgeous caramel pudding. She can't imagine her cheat day must-haves without a big cookie. 

We wish the pretty lady a luscious birthday celebration!