Ananya Panday Is Obsessed With This Sweet Treat, Recipe Inside
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

If you are a fan of Bollywood and like to keep a tab on the new generation of actors, you would know how Ananya Panday is also a complete foodie. Remember how actor Vijay Deverakonda, her latest co-star in Liger, had spilled some beans about her enjoying croissants for breakfast with coffee or pain au chocolat (a French pastry)? 

Well, that does prove Ananya’s love for food. Currently vacationing in Italy, Ananya is soaking up the city vibes and sharing glimpses of it on social media. She has been holidaying in Capri and is acing it all - from fashion to food amid the breath-taking views of the landscape. But what’s grabbing our attention are her food adventures in the Italian city, and well, it is a balance of sweet and sour. 

She recently uploaded a picture of her indulging in a lemon sorbet on her Instagram stories. Dedicating a post to the treat, and everything around it, she wrote, "When life gives you lemons...". Take a look: 

Looks delicious, doesn't it? Sharing more on it in a post, Ananya shared a couple of stunning pictures of herself, including one outside a shop selling slushes, sorbets, and more. “Just a girl obsessed with lemon sorbet”, she wrote in the caption. Take a look:

 We could also see her enjoying the lemon sorbet, and another scoop of what looked like a watermelon sorbet in a cone. Now, that’s a foodie we would love to hang out with. Ananya, in a number of interviews and talk shows, has talked about her love for food. In fact, we caught her gorging on yummy regional delicacies throughout her multi-city promotions of Liger. From enjoying a traditional Gujarati thali and Kerala-style Sadya to her midnight ice cream binge, early morning pastries and more, Ananya’s food trail was quite interesting. 

Now if Ananya’s sweet treat from Capri has made you crave the summery treat of lemon sorbet, we’ve got the perfect recipe to try at home. Our creamy four-ingredient sorbet is both sweet and tarty, and would make for a delightfully refreshing finish to any of your meals. Click here for the full recipe.