Ananya Panday & Vijay Deverakonda’s Liger Tour Is All About Food
Image Credit: Ananya Pandey and Vijay Deverakonda/Instagram, The duo indulges in regional flavours during promotions.

While film promotions across cities are common these days, actors Ananya Panday and Vijay Deverakonda seem to be enjoying it more than anyone else. The two lead actors of an upcoming film, Liger, have been constantly travelling around the country meeting their fans and followers, while also relishing the regional flavours during their stay.

Speaking of the latest in their food trail, the duo was seen enjoying authentic filter coffee in Bengaluru. Ananya took to her Instagram stories to share a glimpse of a steel container, in which filter coffee is traditionally served. She captioned it saying, “filter coffee time”, and tagged Bengaluru.

However, this is just one part of the indulgence. A few days ago, the two actors were in Kochi to promote their latest film and were warmly welcomed with a South Indian meal. Also known as Sadya, the banana leaf meal comprises a variety of regional dishes served with rice, papad, pazham pori, and thoran, etc. They seemed to be very pleased with the delicious flavours of the feast.

Filter Coffee

Earlier, Vijay and Ananya were in Gujarat, where they enjoyed huge Gujarati thalis. The spread consisted of dhokla, khandvi, Gujarati kadhi, farsan, as well as sweets like mohanthal, gulab jamun, and more. Amid the promotional tour, Vijay was also spotted in Patna alone. He visited the Graduate Chaiwali stall, and enjoyed drinking tea from a kulhad.

The good part is that both the actors are hard-core foodies. While Vijay loves the Ulavacharu biryani from Vijayawada, Ananya is a fan of croissants and coffee. She also loves pizza. In fact, during a recent chat show, he exclaimed that Ananya doesn’t diet and would eat croissants for breakfast every day during their shoot.