Halwa To Thoran, 10 Indian Regional Raw Papaya Recipes To Try
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Call it raw papaya, green papaya, papita, pepe, boppai or by any other name, but come summer and every Indian household celebrates this summer vegetable with traditional recipes from their culinary kitties. One of the main reasons behind this love for raw papaya recipes in summer is owed to its many health benefits. Packed with papain, raw papayas aid digestion, which anyways slows down during summers. Raw papayas also have a very high water content and can help beat the summer heat. 

Loaded with vitamin A, vitamin C, dietary fibre and minerals like potassium and magnesium, raw papaya can really give your immune system a great boost during summers. What’s more, when cooked properly, raw papayas taste simply delicious. And that is precisely where India’s many regional and hyperlocal cuisines come in handy. If you explore regional raw papaya recipes from across the nation during this summer, there is no way you will get bored with eating raw papayas, ever! 

Wondering which raw papaya recipes from across India you could try out this summer? Here is a list of 10 regional Indian raw papaya recipes for you to experiment with and enjoy. 

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Papita Paratha

When it comes to parathas, Punjabi cuisine has no dearth of variations. From simply grating raw papayas and adding them to the paratha dough to making a raw papaya stuffing to put into the dough, there are many ways to make Papita Parathas. A dash of cumin, chillies and coriander leaves for the stuffing and a topping of ghee makes these Papita Parathas perfect for your next meal. 

Pepe Ghonto

This simply cooked gem from Bengali cuisine is made especially delicious through the addition of bodi or wadis and grated coconut. Ghonto refers to a simple curry in Bengali cuisine, and this raw papaya Ghonto is prepared in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian variations. The non-vegetarian one, which is equally loved, usually has prawns in it. 

Boppayi Kura

Also known as Pachi Boppayi Kura, this raw papaya recipe from Andhra Pradesh gets its unique flavours from peanuts, sesame seeds and mustard seeds. The raw papaya pieces are cooked with mild spices and a tempering of mustard seeds. At the very end, crushed roasted peanuts and sesame seeds are added to give this Andhra dish some crunch. 

Papita Sambharo

Love Gujarati snacks like Fafda and Gathiya? If yes, then this Papita Sambharo is the traditional side dish served with it. Somewhere between a chutney and dip, this Gujarati staple is slightly spicy and naturally tangy. Made with grated raw papayas cooked with red chilli powder and green chillies, this one is a must have this summer.

Pappali Kai Kootu 

This dish from Tamil Nadu is simple and yet flavoursome thanks to ingredients like coconut, moong dal, urad dal and chillies. Kootu is a class of simple curry from the state, and this raw papaya Kootu is simply delicious. Though slightly mushy in texture, it makes for a great dish for summertime lunches. 

Papita Halwa

A North Indian favourite especially for ritual fasts or vrats, Papita Halwa utilizes raw papayas in a unique way indeed. Because they are neutral in flavour, raw papayas can easily be used in sweet dishes too. Grated raw papaya is usually cooked in ghee and then sugar, cardamoms and dry fruits are added to make this Papita Halwa. 

Amita Khar

Traditional Assamese meals, especially during summers, always start with a Khar dish, and this raw papaya Khar is an all-time favourite in the state. A simple tempering of panch phoran and green chillies is enough to make this Amita Khar shine, and the dish tastes great when served with hot rice and dal. 

Omakka Thoran

This raw papaya Thoran dish from Kerala sings with the typical, traditional flavours the state is known for. Usually, grated or finely chopped raw papayas are used to make this simply spiced dish, which is tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves. Cooked with sliced pearl onions and grated coconut, this simple dish is yummy. 

Papita Kofta

Koftas may have been born in Mughal kitchens as meat-based dishes, but today there are plenty of vegetarian version of the dish consumed across North India. Papita Koftas are especially soft thanks to the high water content of the vegetable, which makes for delicious starters as well. However, Papita Koftas are usually served with a spicy onion-tomato gravy.  

Papita Kheer

Another delicious raw papaya sweet dish cooked across North Indian homes during vrats, this one can also be a good option for diabetics. Though kheer is usually made with rice, this Papita Kheer is made with grated raw papayas as a replacement. Sweetened with either sugar or jaggery, this Papita Kheer is a must-have dessert during summer months.