Hack To Follow Diet Without Cheating Amuses Netizens
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock

To be on a diet is often seen as a difficult process to follow. After all, it involves letting go of sugary and processed foods, and foods that are absolutely indulgent. Be it your favourite drinks or your fries and burgers. Dieters are asked by experts to eat healthy, and involve more whole grains and vegetables in their diet. However, the temptation to eat foods that are forbidden or restricted foods is always there. And choosing between healthy food and restricted food is a dilemma we can all relate to. And if you too are in the same boat, and have been facing a similar dilemma, we have a hack you would love. A blogger on Instagram has shared a hilarious hack to help follow our diet without cheating, and trust us it will leave you in splits. Take a look at the video here:

Shared by actor, model and blogger Avantika Hundaal on Instagram Reels, the video shows her having a piece of broccoli in one hand, and a chocolate in another. Avantika then takes a whiff of the aroma of the chocolate and quickly feeds herself some broccoli. Well, the idea is to trick our mind into eating healthy, using the smell of an indulgent treat that we love. She repeats the process multiple times to resist the temptation of indulging in chocolate, and instead eats something healthy. Isn’t that a brilliant hack? In the video, the blogger said, “Life hack for a diet”. She captioned the video ‘Diet is tough, so are we’ along with a broccoli emoji’. The video has already gone viral, and popular amongst netizens, garnering over 440k views and 18k likes.  

The hilarious life hack was especially relatable with people who were on a diet. “Waaaah what an idea sir jee. Thank you”, wrote one user while another said, “Seriously noted this one!” Other comments on the video included, “Needed this” and “definitely trying this”. Others said they would surely try this trick to avoid cheating on their diet. 

This definitely proves that while exercise and following a balanced diet are key to good health, we definitely also need some tricks to avoid cheating on the diet too. Do you also have such tricks? Let us know. And if you are someone who is planning to go on a diet, remember to consult a qualified medical practitioner or nutritionist before following anything extreme.