Hack To Crack Egg Without Breaking The Yolk Amuses Netizens
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock

The internet is credited for solutions to several of our daily life struggles. Be it at work or in the kitchen, the internet has a host of hacks, tricks and tips to save our time and energy on any occasion. But what we love most are the amazing cooking hacks doing the rounds. From quicker ways of peeling fruits and veggies to quick and easy recipes and hacks to save those robust curries, there is just so much to tackle the nitty-gritties of cooking. 

The latest hack to make our life easier is this new hack that comes handy while cracking eggs, and has definitely caught everyone’s fancy online. Yes, we know there have already been a few egg cracking hacks on the internet, and some of them actually work, but this new hack of cracking an egg directly on the pan is quite amusing. And well, quite surprising to see how it actually works. In just one step, you get egg with yolk in the pan, without any shells! Yes, you read that right. 

The hack is pretty simple, you crack the egg directly on the pan by simply dropping it in the middle. The egg cracks open from one end, and you slowly take off the shell, leaving the egg white and yolk intact on the pan. Yes, that is possible. Don’t believe us? Radio host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson also tried it and posted a video of the same on her Instagram account. Take a look at the video.

The video starts with another user cracking the egg on the pan and saying, “Apparently, if you drop an egg into a pan it cracks perfectly.” Jackie goes ahead and drops her egg on the pan, and voila, it cracks and the egg yolk comes out clean on the pan! Well, it worked, much to the shock of netizens. This latest hack of cracking eggs is making waves on social media, with many people trying it out.  

While it definitely is surprising, the unique hack has garnered mixed reactions from a section of users who simply thought what is wrong with the other ways of cracking eggs, since they don’t take a lot of time either. “What’s wrong with cracking on the side of the pan,” asked one user, while another wrote, “Apparently, if you drop an egg anywhere, it cracks. For scrambled eggs, drop it higher. You are welcome.” 

Some users just made fun of this unusual way of cracking eggs. “Really? I bet this doesn’t happen for me haha,” said one user.  There were some people who were impressed with this technique and said, “Never thought of this. I will try next time. That’s pretty cool!” On the other hand, some users had their own apprehensions: 

“What happens when you want to crack this in a pan on oil tho??” 

“What happens if the pan is hot.”