Eggs For Breakfast: 5 Ideas To Add Fun To Your Morning Meal
Image Credit: Shutterstock, Cloud eggs on toast

When someone calls for a quick and easy breakfast, eggs are one of the most preferred options. Since they are easy to make and can be ready in a jiffy, eggs become the go-to breakfast for many. The nutritional value of eggs is no stranger to us either. Apart from being a rich source of protein, they also contain several vitamins and minerals which aid eye and heart health. The antioxidants are good for building strength and immunity. The good part is that one can never get bored of eating eggs. And even if you are, there’s always a new way to make them and spruce up your breakfast. 

From boiled eggs to scrambled and poached varieties, the ande ka funda is this and much more. Even in the case of boiled eggs, you have variants like soft-boiled and hard-boiled that bring about a significant difference in taste and appearance. If you don’t want to make eggs the same way as yesterday, try these recipes and you’ll never get bored.

1.  Eggs Benedict

Did you know that Eggs Benedict were created based on an odd request by a Wall Street broker? Lemuel Benedict demanded poached eggs on toast with ham and hollandaise sauce and the chef at the restaurant seemed so impressed with this idea that he introduced a slightly different version of it with crispy bacon and English muffins. The creamy and melt-in-your-mouth eggs are a classic American treat today, commonly eaten for breakfast and lunch.  

2.  Stumbler Eggs

Haven’t we all loved the soft and mushy scrambled eggs at some point of time? Not just because of the ease of making it but also the amazing taste. Giving the standard recipe a delicious twist, stumbler eggs are a Mangalorean version of scrambled eggs. In this, the eggs are combined with vegetables and bread to give a wholesome dish. The bread is sliced into cubes and tossed together with veggies like onion, tomatoes, and green chillies. The vegetables are mixed with soy sauce and a few spices after which eggs are broken in it and finally, the bread is added and everything is cooked together in butter.

Wondering why someone would call such delicious treats devilish? Well, it was first mentioned in a British cookbook in the 18th and 19th Century. The term deviled eggs was used to denote something hot and spicy. This was so because these eggs were a practice in ancient Rome, where guests were served boiled eggs, stuffed with hot and spicy sauces as appetisers. The eggs later attained their present-day form, where the yolks are separated, mixed with mustard and mayonnaise and stuffed back again. 

4.  Turkish Eggs

Give your poached eggs a whole new life with this Turkish recipe. Turkish food is well-known for their obsession with dips and spreads. From chickpeas to yoghurt, several condiments are made with these ingredients. The Turkish eggs, also known as cilbir, also make use of a similar idea. The poached eggs are placed on a bed of creamy hung curd mixture. The curd is flavoured with garlic as well as herbs like parsley and cayenne pepper. The creamy base of the dish with the runny yolk acts as the perfect breakfast treat.

5. Cloud Eggs

These are light and airy as well as a cheesy affair. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that you’ll be on cloud nine after eating these eggs. The soft and creamy eggs are made using an interesting technique that lends them the unique texture. The egg whites are separated from the yolks and whipped together till they form a fluffy cloud. Then grated cheese is added to this and whipped again. Finally, the egg yolks dropped in the centre of these mixtures. This is baked carefully and what you get are egg-like fluffy clouds that are cheesy on the inside. They are also sometimes called egg nests.