Gudi Padwa 2022: Quick Tips For Making Coconut Laddoos With Jaggery At Home
Image Credit: Source: julie__1993_/Instagram

Gudi Padwa is just around the corner, and we know that foodies can’t wait to relish the delicious dishes that are up for grabs during the festival. From the decadent puran polis to basundi, Gudi Padwa has an array of signature dishes that are all things flavourful and yummy. One of these delights is coconut laddoo. These delicious laddoos are filled with tropical flavours and are a must-try during this festival. Excited already? We have got you covered with some easy tips for making coconut laddoos on Gudi Padwa. Check them out:

1. While making coconut laddoos, it's best to use fresh coconut. However, if you are using frozen coconut, make sure it’s made with fresh ones and not steamed ones.

2. Check the jaggery for any debris. If you find any debris, make sure you remove them before incorporating them into your laddoo mixture.

3. Unlike a lot of other desserts, jaggery isn’t added in a syrup form while making coconut laddoos. It is often added with the grated coconut in the beginning and is melted along with the coconut. So, heat a pan on low heat and cook the jaggery and coconut by stirring them continuously.

4. Make sure you do a taste test in the initial stage while melting the jaggery. Keeping it for later will result in a clumpy mixture that will lead to uneven taste in the laddoos.

5. Do not cook the moisture till the point that all of it evaporates. The laddoos need a little moisture to get the perfect shape.

6. You should start making the laddoos while they are still warm for them to retain their shape. Allow them to cool down after making the laddoos. 

7. Although cardamom powder is traditionally used for flavouring coconut laddoos, one can also use nutmeg or dried ginger powder for a unique flavour profile.

We hope these tips will help you make and relish perfect coconut laddoos. Have a delightful Gudi Padwa this year.