Gudi Padwa 2022: Add These 5 Shrikhand Delights To Your Festivities

As soon as the month of Chaitra arrives, Marathis across the world gear up to celebrate one of their most famous festivals - Gudi Padwa. It involves performing puja, placing Brahma flags in front of their houses and relishing some traditional Marathi delicacies at the end. Out of the array of Marathi delicacies that are savoured during Gudi Padwa, shrikhand is one of the best. A hung curd-based dessert, shrikhand is smooth, has a silky and melt-in-the-mouth texture and is delicious. Are you already planning for Gudi Padwa? Here are 5 shrikhand recipes you can try.

1. Mango Shrikhand

Indulge in the delicious summer fruit in the best possible way with this mango shrikhand recipe. The shrikhand is filled with the goodness of mangoes and is all things delicious and fragrant. Moreover, isn’t Gudi Padwa a perfect occasion to try the season’s earliest batch of mangoes? Add this Mango Shrikhand recipe to your Gudi Padwa checklist now.

2. Rose Shrikhand

Rose is undoubtedly one of the most fragrant and flavourful things to add to your desserts and this Rose Shrikhand is surely one of the best things to savour in terms of fragrance and flavour. Enriched with the aroma and flavour of roses, this shrikhand will perfectly compliment your puran polis on Gudi Padwa.

3. 5-Minute Shrikhand

In a hurry? This 5-Minute Shrikhand has got you covered. Made in a jiffy, this shrikhand is a real saviour during the hectic festival.

4. Mango Oats Shrikhand

Are you a weight-watcher but still want to relish the delicious flavours of shrikhand? If yes, this Mango Oats Shrikhand is the one you need to try. With this easy and quick recipe, we make sure that you enjoy the festival by relishing your favourite foods guilt-free.

5. Apple Walnuts Shrikhand

Apple and walnuts are a delicious combo enough to leave anyone drooling. So, why not incorporate this combo in a shrikhand and enjoy the decadent flavours? With this recipe, indulge in some delectable flavours of Gudi Padwa with this Apple Walnuts Shrikhand recipe.