Gudi Padwa: 5 Traditional Foods To Celebrate the Festival
Image Credit: Source: recipereexplored/Instagram

As we are all geared up to celebrate the nine-day long Chaitra Navratri, starting from April 2, Marathis prepare themselves to celebrate Gudi Padwa. This year, the festival will be celebrated on the same day to mark the beginning of the new lunisolar year. Etymologically, the word ‘gudi’ in Gudi Padwa means ‘Brahma’s flag’ and ‘padwa’ means ‘the first day’. So, on this day, people wake up early, place Brahma’s flags and motifs on their doorsteps and worship god for a prosperous new year. However, like any other Indian festival, Gudi Padwa is surely not complete without an array of signature dishes that are relished on the day of the festival. So, we have curated a list of five traditional dishes that you must try this Gudi Padwa.

1. Puran Poli

One of the most popular flatbreads of India, Puran Poli is a maida-based flatbread stuffed with a sweet chana dal filling. The sweet and savoury flavour profile of the flatbreads is enough to leave anyone drooling.

2. Shrikhand

Well, Shrikhand is well-known for its smooth texture, fragrance and taste. The dessert is made with hung curd, some aromatics and nuts, Shrikhand is a must-have on Gudi Padwa.

3. Basundi

A flavourful dessert that will leave you drooling for sure, Basundi is the close cousin of rabri. Flavoured with saffron strands, cardamom and rose petals, Basundi is one of the most fragrant and delectable desserts in India. Moreover, the crunch of nuts and dry fruits will surely leave you gobsmacked.

4. Kothimbir Vadi

One of the favourite Marathi snacks, Kothimbir Vadi is crispy, delectable and flavourful. Made with coriander leaves, Kothimbir Vadis are made with an array of spices and seasonings. The Vadis are made by first steaming and then deep-frying them to perfection.

5. Coconut Laddoo

Absolutely delicious, a forever favourite and the perfect dessert to celebrate any occasion, Coconut Laddoos are a classic on Gudi Padwa. The laddoos are a hit during the festival and are an all-time favourite for sure. The goodness of coconuts, khoya, condensed milk and nuts are perfect to set the festive mood.