Got Podi Masala? 8 Ways To Use The South Indian Spice Mix
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Cooking elaborate dishes in the kitchen is not everyone's cup of tea. Some people like to cook food as fast as they can but also do not want to compromise with flavours. If that’s the case, using delicious masala mixtures is a great way of saving one from tedious cooking and enjoying delicious food. Podi masala, which is prepared by using a variety of different masalas along with powdered daal, is a great way of enhancing the flavour of the food instantly.

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Podi masala is naturally infused with the goodness of a lot of spices that work great for the body. This masala is always beneficial in adding an extra dimension to the food and making its flavour distinguished. Other than making appetising idlis with the help of Podi masala, a lot of other things can also be done. Here are some of the top uses of Podi masala that one can consider.

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* Podi Chutney

Podi Chutney can be prepared instantly by using some spice mixture and adding a bit of hot ghee. The ghee gets perfectly mixed with the spice mixture and makes a beautiful and flavourful chutney. If one doesn't want to add a lot of desi ghee, then adding some warm water is also going to work. However, it is important to add a small amount of desi ghee to get the best possible flavours. Podi chutney comes to the rescue when one doesn't have the time to make sabzi or dal at home.

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* Podi Dosa

Podi Masala can also be sprinkled directly over some hot dosa while it's being cooked in the pan. The podi masala will make the dosa extremely flavourful and delicious. If one is making stuffed dosa, the spice mixture can be mixed with some boiled potatoes. This is the perfect way to elevate the taste of the regular dosa and take it to the next level. This is the best option for people who love having spicy food.

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* Podi Fried Idli

Many people must have already tried Podi idli. But Podi fried idli is an even better dish. This is prepared by frying some idlis with vegetables like onions, capsicums, and carrots. Now to add extra flavour to the idlis, some puri masala is added to the mixture. The idlis get cooked well with the help of vegetable oil and absorb the flavours of Podi masala. Instead of using vegetable oil, one can also go for desi ghee. 

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* Masala Rice 

Fried chicken rice is already a very popular delicacy in India. It is prepared by frying some rice with a lot of crunchy vegetables and delicious sauces. A healthier substitute for fried rice is masala rice, which is prepared by infusing podi masala and adding a lot of crunchy vegetables. Another way of making masala is by adding a tadka of podi and sautéed vegetables to fried rice. This delicious masala rice can be consumed as a proper meal with some curd and salad.

* Podi Sandwich 

Podi Sandwich is the perfect recipe for people who enjoy having Indianised versions of sandwiches. Podi masala is added to the regular sandwich and adds an extra flavour depth. One doesn't have to do anything extra to prepare the sandwiches; only a single step of adding the spice mixture must be incorporated. This small step is going to make so much of a difference in the overall taste of the sandwiches.

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* Podi Partha

Podi Paratha is another flavourful departure from the conventional paratha recipe. While preparing some paratha stuffing, instead of adding a multitude of autonomous spices, one can simply add Podi masala. Other than paranthas, podi masala can also be added to veg rolls, shawarma rolls, and egg rolls. Everything simply starts tasting better after using this wonderful spice mixture. 

* Podi Kebab 

Podi Kebab is a mind-blowing kebab recipe. They are enriched with the flavours of different spices that complement the meat used to make kebabs. If one wants to incorporate a lot of flavours into the kababs, then they may go for different types of sauces along with the podi mixture. Using the same recipe to cook special dishes can become boring. This is why one must keep introducing new ingredients to make these dishes even more delicious. 

* Kachi Kairi

Kachi Kairi is widely consumed during summer and has a very enjoyable taste. The savoury and tangy taste of Kachi Kairi or raw mango goes well with the podi mixture. A light sprinkle of podi mixture on raw mangoes will make it even more appetising than usual. One can also make Kachi Keri pickle by adding some mustard oil and podi masala. This is a mouth-watering aachar that can be paired with almost all kinds of foods.