Inji Puli To Podi- 7 South Indian Favourite Condiments

If you have ever had a South Indian meal, you know how important chutneys and podis are. I don’t know about you, but I can't imagine even the most basic South Indian meal without a condiment served next to it. South Indian food is loved all across the globe, thanks to its rich and flavourful ingredients. And believe me, condiments like chutneys, podis, papads or pickles make a South Indian meal even more special.

Since we all love South Indian condiments so much, let us know about 7 most loved South Indian condiments. These condiments are something we just can’t ignore. Have a look: 

Gongura Pachadi 

If you have a special love for pickles and chutneys, you know what this is. This chutney cum pickle hails from Andhra’s Guntur region and is a powerhouse of flavours. Made up of sorrel leaves, garlic, red chilies and other basic ingredients, this flavourful chutney cum pickle is something you can’t stop eating. 

Coconut Chutney 

Most basic but most essential is the soothing and delicious coconut chutney. Made with grated coconut and spices and tempered with mustard seeds and red chilies, this condiment is served with idli, dosa, uttapam and what not? This may look simple but it is absolutely soothing and comforting. You love this chutney, don’t you? 

Pineapple Pachadi 

Pineapple pachadi has a huge fanbase thanks to its vibrant and refreshing flavours. Made up of pineapple, curd, coconut, red chilies and spices, this sweet and spicy delight can do an explosion of flavours in your mouth. It goes well with rice and curry. 

Inji Puli 

Yet another flavourful chutney is Inji Puli which comes from Kerala. This mouthwatering chutney has sweet and sour flavours of jaggery, ginger, tamarind and so many different spices. This chutney is a must have condiment in the Onam Sadya feast and can bring your boring food to life. 


You know what this is! A powdered mix of lentils like black gram, split Bengal, sesame seeds, red chilies and so many different spices, podi is made using different recipes in different regions. This powdered condiment could be served with idli, dosa, upma to name a few. When combined with ghee, it becomes too delicious and heavenly! 

Nilakadalai Chutney  

Nilakadalai Chutney or peanut chutney is a delicious blend of peanut, coconut, curry leaves and spices. A small portion of this South-Indian style peanut chutney can enhance the flavour of an entire meal. It is easy to make, soothing and absolutely delicious. 

Tomato Chutney 

Last but not the least, tomato chutney! This flavourful concoction of tomatoes, curry leaves, mustard seeds and chilies, is comforting and too delicious to handle. It can be served with dosa, chutney, uttapam, rice or anything and believe me, this simple chutney will not disappoint you! 

Which is your favourite South Indian condiment? Do let us know!