Good Food Equals A Good Mood, For Diljit Dosanjh
Image Credit: Shutterstock

When we think about who to declare the biggest foodie in B-town, Diljit Dosanjh definitely comes in the top 5 considerations. This Punjabi singer and actor has always swayed the public with his swag. If not on screen or in concerts, the star is busy devouring a yummy meal and making a video about it. (Also Read: Diljit Dosanjh’s ‘Jugaad’ To Pour Ajwain Water Makes Him Pat His Own Back). Diljit’s Instagram stories and feed is full of content on food. A true blue Punjabi at heart, Diljit relishes tasty food and is vocal about good food being a good mood. From sarso da saag to bhindi do pyaaza, there is nothing that this celeb doesn’t enjoy eating. A lot of Diljit’s favourite food is extremely healthy too. However, this can not take away from the fact that every once in a while Diljit loves to eat junk food. 

Staying true to his nature as a foodie, in a video that was posted recently by Diljit, he was seen sitting in his kitchen asking his chef "Kya milega aaj khane ko?”(What will I get to eat today?). When he peeked to see what his meal was, he was in awe of what he saw. He quickly complimented the meal by saying, "Looking sick, looking sick". For his meal, he got not one but two plates full of food! On one plate, we spotted an avocado dip, boiled eggs, sauteed mushrooms, and seasoned chicken breasts and the other dish had a yellow stew-like curry that was laden with carrots and mushrooms. He captioned his Instagram story as "good food is a good mood."

Credit: Diljit Dosanjh's Instagram

Diljit’s a hardcore foodie and he doesn't try to hide it. With millions of fans and followers on his social media, he enjoys sharing reels and videos cooking, eating and even grocery shopping! When it comes to which meal-course does this actor seem to have a preference for, it seems like Diljit enjoys a hearty breakfast the most. Even during his world tours, he doesn't forget to enjoy the first meal of the day. Despite, Diljit’s busy lifestyle, the actor takes time out to cook himself and always ends up cracking his followers with reels that show his hilarious cooking escapades.