Going Vegan? Try These 5 Cheese Alternatives For A Hearty Meal
Image Credit: Image- Pixabay

Due to numerous health and environmental reasons, the majority of the population is switching to veganism these days. The dietary choice involves giving up on animal-based products. While the cause of veganism is brilliant, many find it difficult to transition due to the abundant use of animal-based products in our diets. Milk-based products are one of the most difficult foods to give up on. While most of us indulge in other milk-based products too, cheese is one of the main milk-based products that we find difficult to find an alternative for. So, to help you out and make things easier for you, here are five cheese substitutes that you need to bookmark.

1. Cashew Cheese

One of the most commonly used substitutes for cheese, cashew cheese is moreish, creamy and perfect to amp up your cheesy delights. Made with raw soaked cashews and nutritional yeast, cashew cheese is a great option when it comes to substituting cheese in pastas, gratins and sandwiches.

2. Kite Hill Ricotta

When it comes to one of the best cheese options for vegans, kite hill ricotta tops the list. Made from almond milk, the cheese variety resembles the real deal.

3. Sweet Potato Sauce

Sweet potato sauce is one of the best substitutes for cheese in terms of flavours and textures. Made with simple kitchen staples, the sauce is healthy and delicious too. It uses a few ingredients like sweet potatoes, cashews, canola oil, garlic, lemon juice and some spices, and is all things creamy and decadent.

4. Pesto

One of the healthiest, delicious and interesting food items, pesto is a great substitute for cheese when it comes to sandwiches and pastas. The herbaceous flavour of pesto will satiate your palate. You can add some blanched almonds to your pesto before blending to add a creamy edge to it.  

5. Tahini Spread

The Middle Eastern spread has kept foodies hooked to its taste and flavour for a long time now. If you want to replace the cheese flavour in your favourite grilled goodies, tahini spread is one of the best options. The garlicy taste and interesting texture will surely win your heart.