Gigi Hadid’s Island Vacation: The Model Enjoys Oysters And More
Image Credit: Gigi's oyster picture has gotten every sea-food lover to salivate

Supermodel and businesswoman Gigi Hadid is always in the news. One of the few new-age models to receive the "super" tag and equally adored by the fashion world and the public, Gigi recently visited the Cayman Islands. What started as a fun vacation soon turned into headlines for various reasons, including reports of the model being fined for possession of cannabis, which turned out to be for legal medical use. Gigi continued to enjoy her vacation and recently posted a photo dump from it. What caught our eye were the delicious food pictures she uploaded on Instagram.

Staying at the luxurious Palm Heights Resort, the mother of one seemed to have had a lot of fun by the beach. She and her friends have all documented the vacation through pictures and videos on their social media handles, with Gigi captioning her dump as "All’s well that ends well", which is very telling of the experience she had. Among other snaps, we have pictures of the model enjoying amazing seafood. We could spot a gigantic plate, filled to the brim with ice cubes, on which fresh oysters were kept. There were sides served with the oysters as well, which included slices of lemon, onions, and dips.

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While this itself might look like a grand feast, there were several other dishes that were enjoyed by the group. Gigi and her girl gang had fried prawns with delicious-looking dips—a must-have seafood delicacy whenever someone visits the beach! The prawns made us want to grab and pack some for ourselves!

If you think seafood is all they had, you are mistaken. Gigi is said to be a huge foodie and loves burgers, pizza, and munchies. So, while putting on her vacation hat, she threw her model caution to the wind and decided to go all out. We spotted a picture of a pepperoni pizza with a generous topping of basil leaves on the beachside, along with chips and crisps. Besides that, our foodie eyes noticed a dip that looked like guacamole! With so many delicious food items on the gram and all the sensational headlines she has made, we can very well conclude that Gigi indeed has her plate full!