Gigi Hadid Reveals Taylor Swift's Culinary Prowess
Image Credit: Image: InStyle/Unsplash

If you are a fan of Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid, you might know that the two share a close bond. But did you know about their mutual love for food? Or that Taylor Swift had some good cooking skills? Witnessing our beloved celebrities take time from their hectic schedules to delve into the culinary arts is truly therapeutic. Gigi Hadid, a supermodel, recently spilt the beans on their foodie adventures in a conversation with InStyle, and it's clear that both divas are passionate about all things gastronomic.

In the interview, Gigi was asked about whose dinner parties she loves the most, to which she instantly replied, "Taylor Swift is an exceptional cook, and I love her." She was further asked which dishes the American singer cooks the best, and she revealed, "She makes a really good Bolognese sauce and a really good chilli that I love."

For the unfamiliar, Bolognese sauce is a rich and meaty pasta sauce from the city of Bologna, Italy. The traditional recipe for this sauce includes ground meat and pancetta (Italian bacon), along with vegetables like onions, carrots, and celery, and a generous amount of tomatoes. The sauce is slow-cooked for several hours to unleash deep flavours. No wonder it’s a favourite of Gigi, who is a foodie herself. On the other hand, Gigi mentioned 'chili' referring to the classic American dish Chili con carne, which consists of a spicy stew made with meat, chilli peppers, tomatoes, onions, and beans. Although there are many variations to the recipe, she likes Taylor Swift's version better. It is often garnished with shredded cheese or sour cream and can be enjoyed as-is or with rice and cornbread.

Apart from food, there's another shared interest that binds these two starlets in friendship: their culinary expertise. Gigi Hadid, like her pal Taylor Swift, has a passion for cooking that's hard to ignore. However, she admitted that "it's also such a treat to get cooked for."

The supermodel also showered Swift with praises for her culinary skills and her generous spirit as she told InStyle, "When you have friends that really care about those special moments and the more intimate spaces and what can really come from putting an effort into making the time for that, I think that's when you start to find the friends that you really connect with because you're both working towards manifesting those really special moments."

Speaking of her own cooking adventures, Gigi Hadid disclosed that her little one, Khai, occasionally lends a hand in the kitchen. At just two years old, the adorable toddler "gets up on her little step-up stool and helps me mix," Gigi shared. In a candid moment, Hadid disclosed a lesser-known fact that she's been known to indulge in her daughter's leftovers from time to time. It's a common tale among mothers with picky eaters, and Hadid is no exception. After all, why let good food go to waste?