How To Make Bolognese Sauce: 3 Useful Tips To Keep In Mind
Image Credit: Photo by Klaus Nielsen from Pexels

Bolognese is a wholesome meat-based sauce found in Italian cuisine. Being known for its complexity of preparation and a strong taste, it acts as the perfect accompaniment to dishes such as pasta and spaghetti Making this complex sauce involves a procedure of sweating, sauteing, and braising. It is prepared by mixing chopped beef with a small amount of milk and tomato sauce, which is then simmered until a thick paste is formed. If you are bored of eating your regular tomato sauce or white sauce, try this variety. Whip up some delicious Bolognese sauce using these three hacks.

Cook With Chopped Beef

The very first ingredient that is added while making this Italian sauce is beef. Take fresh beef, chop it into small slices using a sharp knife and then add this into a saucepan. Always make a Bolognese sauce with finely chopped beef, otherwise your sauce will be only filled with big chucks of beef as it won't dissolve well. Along with this, remember to add beef broth only towards the end of the recipe.  

Adding Tomatoes Is Optional

Bolognese sauce can be made with or without a tomato sauce. Depending on how you want your sauce to be, you can add tomato pasta accordingly. We suggest you add just a small amount of tomato sauce as it can thicken the sauce and make it look brighter. 

Season With Minimum Herbs 

Traditional Bolognese sauce is made using minimal herbs and spices. In fact, when Bolognese sauce was first discovered, there was no mention of herbs and spices in any of the recipes. However, nowadays people have opted to use herbs and spices for additional flavour. So if you do the same, infuse the sauce with just a wee bit of herbs. Seasoning is generally limited to salt, pepper and the occasional pinch of nutmeg

Use Milk For Creaminess

Adding milk to a sauce is always a great option. Using milk gives a creamier texture to the sauce and enhances its taste. While making it, we can always use fresh fresh milk and add it to the sauce along with the rest of the ingredients. Therefore, as a final touch you can add a dash of milk to make the sauce smoother and creamier. 

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