Get To Know Everything About Yoghurt In Cocktails
Image Credit: Pexels

Yes, you read that right. There are a lot of cocktails with yoghurt as one of their ingredients. As you might already know, mixologists love to experiment with spirits. Not only do they try to mix different types of alcohol, but they also add eye-popping ingredients to cocktails like milk, turmeric, and, yes, yoghurt as well.

But, even though the thought of having some yoghurt mixed in your drink might not be pleasing, it tastes really good. If you have come across this concept for the first time and you love to experiment with your drinks as well, here’s everything you should know about adding yoghurt to make lip-smacking cocktails.

Why Should You Add Yoghurt To A Cocktail?

Did you think that yoghurt is just limited to being on the breakfast tables? Nope, thanks to the creamy texture and its savoury taste, yoghurt has been gaining popularity like never before. Since it is also suitable for lactose-intolerant people, the audience for yoghurt has increased tremendously. When adding yoghurt to cocktails, you get a fruity and creamy twist to a regular spirit base. People who prefer mild flavours of alcohol were the first ones to appreciate the tangy taste that yoghurt adds to cocktails

Which Is The Best Yoghurt To Add In Cocktails?

The best and safest option that works for almost all cocktails is Greek yoghurt. Since it has a creamy and thick texture, it has the capability to add depth to regular cocktails. However, if you’re a fan of any particular flavoured yoghurt, you can add it to a neutral base and enjoy the creamy combination.

Is There A Right Way Of Adding Yoghurt To Cocktails?

Yes. While adding yoghurt to a cocktail, you should ensure to remove any lumps if any. Since you would not want your drink to turn into semi-liquid, always whip the yoghurt and fine-sieve it before mixing it.

How Long Would Yoghurt In Cocktails Last?

Since yoghurt has a creamy texture, when mixed with alcohol, it might start to curdle after being left for a long time. So, you should only add yoghurt when you’re ready to drink your cocktail. And always remember to use fresh yoghurt to avoid any sour taste or odour.

Which Spirits Work The Best With Yoghurt?

Neutral spirits like vodka, gin, rum, and tequila work best with yoghurt. Talking about specific cocktails, you can add a zesty taste and depth to your regular pina colada by adding yoghurt. Similarly, you can make a yoghurt martini for a creamy twist to the drink.

What Garnishes Work For Yoghurt-based Cocktails?

You can garnish a yoghurt-based cocktail with fresh fruits like berries, sliced mango, or the usual lemon or orange wedges. Apart from fruits, spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, or cocoa powder also add more flavour to the yoghurt drinks.