6 Interesting Facts About Using Jam In Creative Cocktails
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The spring season sun beams down as you lounge poolside with friends during a weekend party. The day calls for celebration, but your tried-and-true cocktail repertoire has grown tired. This year, forget all of those old and boring cocktails and get ready to try something new. And no, you don’t need to buy expensive new ingredients to do this. Because your secret weapon is actually an ingredient that you might already have stashed away: leftover jam.  

That's right - fruit preserves and jams can bring a fun new flavour dimension to cocktails that will have your guests delighted and intrigued. The possibilities are endless when you start experimenting with different jam varieties. Strawberry jam adds a pop of sweetness and color to a vodka or gin drink. Cherry or raspberry jam complements bourbon's notes of vanilla and oak. Get tropical with pineapple, mango, or passion fruit jam in a rum cocktail. The combinations are limited only by your imagination.  

So, grab a few jars of your favorite jams from the pantry and let the creative mixing commence! With just a spoonful or two of jam per drink, you can craft crowd-pleasing cocktails that offer a touch of the familiar yet something new and unexpected. Cheers to a summer of sipping nostalgic flavours in grown-up drinks! 

Presenting some of the ways Jam can be used in Cocktails 

The Use Of Jams In Cocktails 

Why use jam in cocktails? Let us count the ways! Jam is a drink mixer's secret weapon, adding sweetness sans extra syrup and layering in vibrant, fruit-forward flavour. Whether it's berry, stone fruit, tropical, or citrus, jam brings the taste of summer to your glass, no matter the season. Beyond reliability, jam provides versatility. Craving a tart twist? Strawberry's your jam. Seeking a tropical escape? Mango's the ticket. Jam allows you to riff on classic cocktails or craft your own concoctions. So, grab a jar, get creative, and sip a martini, jamarita, or jam collins. With a dollop of jam, your drink possibilities are endless. So, pucker up and get ready to spread the joy. 

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Types Of Jams That Work Best In Cocktails 

You've got a craving for a jam-infused cocktail, but with so many options, how do you choose? Let your spirit guide you. Vodka's a versatile blank canvas, so feel free to slather it with any berry jam - strawberry and peach will add a sweet kiss of fruit. Whisky yearns for deeper flavours - spoon in lush dollops of strawberry, peach, or tart rhubarb jam. Gin blossoms with the brightness of apricot jam or the gentle bitterness of marmalade. Just steer clear of booze-spiked marmalades, so the jam's fruit essence sings out. With the right spirit-jam pairing, your cocktail will hit all the right notes. So, grab your shaker and start spreading the joy! 

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Using Homemade Jams In Cocktails 

The options are endless when it comes to homemade jam cocktails. Berry jams complement bourbon and whiskey cocktails. Stone fruit jams like peach or apricot shine in tequila and rum libations. Even unexpected jams like fig, pineapple or tomatillo can provide an exotic twist. Infusing the jam into simple syrup or muddling it with herbs takes the flavour up another notch. Homemade jam cocktails are the perfect way to highlight the fruits of your labor while creating a sophisticated yet comforting drink. So go on, grab a jar of jam from your pantry and start shaking up a jamtini. 

How to incorporate jam into cocktails: Tips you need 

Jam has so much untapped potential waiting to be unleashed in cocktails! Rather than just a dollop on toast, jam can transport your drinks to a whole new level of flavour. Let's explore the myriad ways to incorporate this fruity, sweet spread into libations. 

The sweetness of jam and the spirit of cocktails are a match made in heaven. To fully infuse jam's essence into spirits, let time work its magic. Combine jam and liquor in a jar and let sit for a few days, shaking occasionally. The jam's sugars and fruit notes will transfer into the booze for jammy cocktails minus the chunks. Finally, don't forget the garnishes! From a dollop on a cocktail pick to artful drizzles in the glass, let jam take your presentation to the next level. 

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Jam & Spirits That Pair Well For Cocktails 

Looking to add a jammy twist to your cocktails? Your taste buds are in for a treat when you discover the perfect spirit and preserve pairings that will take your drinks from ho-hum to yum.  For starters, get ready to make raspberry jam with your favourite vodka. The sweet tartness plays so nicely with the smooth, subtle flavour of vodka, instantly amping up any cocktail. Feeling like tequila tonight? Apricot jam is your new best friend. The bright, sunny flavours marry beautifully with tequila's complexity. And for a tropical vacay in a glass, just add pineapple jam to a rum cocktail. The juicy, fruity jam makes a splash against the warm vanilla and caramel notes.  When it comes to gin, you can't go wrong with the classic blackberry jam pairing. The jam's deep berry flavour accentuates the botanicals and juniper of the gin. Fig jam adds sweetness and body that complements the rich, smoky flavours of scotch or single malt whisky. 

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Some Unique Jam Cocktail Recipes to Try 

Looking to shake up your cocktail game? Say cheers to jam-tastic libations that'll have your tastebuds doing a happy dance. We're talking next-level elixirs infused with the fruity fabulousness of jams, jellies and preserves.   

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1. Whisky Sour:  This classic cocktail typically gets its pucker power from lemon juice, but we're taking it to tart town with lemon jam instead. The sweet jam brilliantly balances the booze, and its thicker texture gives the drink a fun fruity slickness. Make it like a mixologist and rim the glass with sugar for added sweetness.  

2. Mojito: If you're craving a tropical twist, strawberry jam is your ticket to mojito paradise. Muddle fresh mint with the jam and rum, then top with bubbly soda water. The strawberry jam adds natural sweetness while amping up the berry flavour in this sunny pink refresher.   

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3. Raspberry Jam Collins: And for a cocktail that really packs a punch, say yes to raspberry jam collins. This gin-based beauty is fizzy, fruity and downright addictive. The raspberry jam infuses the drink with juicy flavour and a stunning magenta hue. Top with club soda and garnish with lime.