Get Over Pizza And Pasta, Try These Amazing Italian Dishes
Image Credit: Image: Bruschetta

Love for Italian food just cannot be expressed in words. Loaded with tomato, cheese, and rich sauces with a touch of pesto and olive oil, Italian food is the ultimate destination for a foodie. We do go to restaurants and cafes serving Italian food and grab the best pizzas and kinds of pasta served. But we, almost every time, skip other mouth-watering dishes listed on the menu while genuinely missing out on some really good food. There is no denying the fact that nothing can beat the pizza and our favorite pasta, there are many other dishes in the Italian cuisine that we need to try.

Have a look at this list and you will know the dishes you were missing in so versatile cuisine! 


Risotto is a traditional and delicious rice dish made up of rice cooked in both vegetable and meat broth. It has vegetables, butter, cheese and sometimes wine. Risotto is a one-time meal and all its ingredients become your instant favorite in just one bite. 


Many of us may have heard of this delicious delight but are totally unaware of its taste. Tiramisu is a layered creamy dessert having coffee and rum-soaked ladyfingers as the main ingredients. Being surrounded by lightly sweetened whipped cream and a rich mascarpone, this ultimately delicious dessert relies heavily on the quality of its rich ingredients.  


Arancini are Italian stuffed rice balls coated with bread crumbs and fried. These are brown-coloured Italian rice croquette appetizers from the region of Sicily, traditionally made with rice and ragu which is a meat sauce. It also has other variations with rice, meat, cheeses, and even vegetables. An interesting fact about Arancini, these little rice balls date back to the 10th century and are street food in Italy. 


A kind of bread soup, Ribollita is an Italian classic packed with heart green vegetables, meaty beans, plenty of olive oil, and parmesan. Ribollita originated in Tuscany and is a very popular bread soup. Were you aware of this Italian bread soup? 


Bruschetta is a toasted or grilled slice of bread, often rubbed with garlic and topped with tomatoes, extra-virgin olive oil, and salt. This Italian dish too originated in Tuscany but is fondly eaten throughout Italy as made with local ingredients. Bruschetta is served as an informal appetizer and is considered an essential dish when served with good grilled meat. 

Focaccia Bread 

This Italian fresh bread dough is topped with caramelized onions, basil leaves, tomato slices, olives, grated parmesan cheese and baked to produce a delicacy. Since it is similar in style and texture to pizza, it is called pizza Bianca at some places.  It may have a square or a rectangular shape. 


Prosciutto simply translates to “ham” in Italian. It refers to a dry-cured ham, served uncooked and cut into thin slices with cheese, salad, or fruit. The origin of the prosciutto dates to pre-Roman times. In Italy, the villagers began to dry-age pork legs to extend their meat supply during long winters. The tradition was passed on to generations and was perfected. Now, the dish is celebrated across the world.  

So now, instead of asking for your regular pasta and pizza, ask for one of these amazing dishes at the Italian restaurant you are going to visit the next time. Let us know which dish you liked the most.