Gary Mehigan Reminisces About Madurai's Idiyappam

Gary Mehigan, who has been travelling around India, marvelling at the diversity in cuisines across the country, took to Instagram to share his love for the South Indian breakfast specialty – the idiyappam. The celebrity chef, who has been hosting workshops all over the country, shared a glimpse of his memories from the time he spent in Madurai, where he paid a visit back in May, during the Chithirai festival. Along with other regional delicacies like ragi dosai, kola urundai (mutton meatballs) and nenju chops (goat ribs), Gary also enjoyed a taste of the lip-smacking street food that the city has to offer.

In a video that he posted, one can see stacks of idiyappam being pressed, steamed and arranged on top of baskets, followed by a plate being made to serve. The shopkeeper pours warm coconut milk over a plate of idiyappams, garnished with powdered jaggery and freshly grated coconut. He captioned the throwback video, “I post a lot of stuff to my stories forgetting that not everyone catches them…so here’s something I was thinking about this morning ‘idyappam’ which is a rice flour paste pressed into a fine noodle and steamed.”

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He further says,”This place was a little a street stall in Madurai in Tamil Nadu in India’s South East. I plumped for the sweet version which was the warm idyappam drenched in coconut milk and scattered with fresh coconut and jaggery. Just amazing, soft, creamy and sweet with a little chew from the coconut…Ohh sure, Gary.….and the location ‘Burma Idiyappam Shop’ Opp to Christian Mission Hospital, Keelavasal, Madurai.” All this gastronomic nostalgia got us salivating, wanting a plate of these delicious rice noodles for ourselves!