5 Ways To Incorporate Pickled Vegetables Into Your Cocktail
Image Credit: Cocktail | Image Credit: Pexels.com

You must have heard about pairing alcohol with cheese or dessert. But have you ever wondered what it would be like to pair alcohol with a pickle? Well, this combination is just as risky as it is fruitful. This will enhance the taste and flavour of the alcohol to a great height.   

Whether you’re a cocktail connoisseur enjoying the delicious taste of the concoction or just looking to spice up your next drink, pickled vegetables can be your secret ingredient to satisfy your wishes and cravings. For the unversed, what are pickled vegetables? Pickling is the method of preserving vegetables like peppers, cucumbers, gerkins, jalapenos, olives, and more in a solution of vinegar, water, salt, and sugar. The process lends a zesty flavour and crunchy texture to the veggies. Commonly, pickled vegetables are consumed as condiments alongside hummus, rice or roti, but this time you can try experimenting and adding them to your favourite cocktail.    

If you’re feeling adventurous, consider making your own pickled vegetables at home. It is a simple process that will allow you to customise flavours and experiment with various spices. Moreover, homemade pickles add a personal touch to the cocktails. For example, give the classic martini a tangy twist by adding a splash of pickle brine to it. This will not only enhance the flavour of the cocktail but also add a savoury and refreshing touch to it.   

Being a beginner, wondering how to make pickled vegetable cocktails? Here are a few tips to mastering pickled vegetable cocktails.    

  • Pickled Vegetable Garnish   

Try incorporating pickled vegetables as a garnish to the cocktail to add a vibrant and tangy twist to the drink. If you’re experimenting with a classic martini, gin and tonic, or Bloody Mary, pickled vegetables lend a wide range of flavours and textures to the cocktail. Whether you choose pickled cucumbers, olives, gerkins or jalapeños, these garnishes will elevate the overall look of the cocktail.  

  • Pickled Vegetable-Infused Vodka  

Enhance your mixology skills by making cocktails with pickled vegetables infused with vodka. Firstly, select a wide range of your favourite pickled vegetables, such as cucumbers, carrots or peppers, along with their brine. Put the ingredients in the jar and fill it with vodka. This will allow the flavours to blend and infuse when kept for a few days. Here, the vodka will absorb the tanginess and depth of the pickled vegetables, thus creating a savoury base for the cocktail. Incorporate the strained vodka into cocktails like pickled Bloody Marys or Picklebacks.   

  • Muddled Pickled Vegetables   

When pickled vegetables undergo the process of muddling, it infuses tangy, savoury flavours and vibrant colours into the cocktails. Muddle the pickled vegetables into the cocktail shaker that will release the essence. You can either use pickled cucumbers, carrots, or spicy jalapeños. The muddled vegetables will impart a refreshing twist that will elevate the classic cocktails to a new height.  


  • Pickled Vegetable Rim   

Rimmed cocktail glasses look fascinating and what if they are made with pickled vegetables? To rim a glass with pickled vegetables, moisten the rim with a lime or lemon wedge. Combine equal parts kosher salt and sugar in a shallow dish, optionally adding spices. Dip the moistened rim into the mixture. Skewer thinly sliced pickled vegetables onto cocktail picks. Place the skewered vegetables on the rim of the glass. Pour your cocktail into the prepared glass and serve.  

  • Pickled Vegetable Syrups   

Take your mixology skills to the next level by using pickled vegetable syrups to add a complex flavour and tanginess to the cocktail. These syrups can be created by combining equal parts water and sugar with the brine from the pickled vegetables. Simmer the water, sugar and brine solution until the sugar dissolves and let it cool. If you’re making martini, margarita or cucumber Collins, the possibilities for making cocktails out of the picked vegetable syrups are endless.