Ganesh Chaturthi is all set to commence on August 31, and devotees of Lord Ganesha just can’t keep calm. Every year, the 10-day festival is celebrated with great fervour and joy across Maharashtra, apart from certain other parts of India. Huge pandals are set up across the state, and devotees bring Ganapati idols home, perform pujas and prepare decadent sweets to offer to the deity. The festival ends with ‘Ganesh Visarjan’ on the 10th day. But until then, Bappa is treated to all sorts of sweets and savouries.  

Modak is one Indian sweet that is prepared in abundance during this time of the year. Did you know that modak was one of the most favourite items of Lord Ganesha? So much so that he is also referred to as ‘Modakpriya’. And that is why, the bhog for Lord Ganesha features a variety of modaks. 

Prepared with ingredients such as rice flour, coconut, and jaggery, modak also has several variations that range from the classic Maharashtrian Ukadiche modak to the fried ones. And then, there are modak varieties that come with different fillings - such as chocolate and kesar. However, some of us might avoid having one because of their high sugar content. But what if we tell you that you can make a low-calorie and healthy version of modak as well? Try out these recipes at home.  

1. Dry Fruits Modak 

Loaded with the goodness of dry fruits, this modak recipe is free of sugar. In it, dry roasted nuts - including cashews and almonds - are combined with ghee-roasted khajoor and raisins, and moulded into healthy, wholesome and tasty modaks. 

2. Beetroot Modak 

Indulge in the goodness of beetroot with this decadent modak recipe, which results in bright red modak. Boiled and grated beetroot are cooked in ghee with grated coconut and cooled, before being moulded into tiny beautiful modaks.   

3. Banana And Dry Fruits Modak 

This is another gem of a modak. It is filled with the goodness of raw banana and roasted dry fruits mixture, which is then flavoured with vanilla essence and honey. This modak is a yummy balance of health and taste, besides being free of sugar.