Gandhi Jayanti 2023: 5 Dishes Bapu Loved The Most
Image Credit: The Atlantic

October 2nd is observed as Gandhi Jayanti all over the country. On this day, in 1869 Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi, commonly known as Mahatma Gandhi was born in Porbandar, Gujarat. Also referred as Bapu or Father of the Nation, he is one of the most prominent leaders of India’s freedom struggle against British rule. This year we are celebrating Bapu’s 154th birth anniversary. 

On this day people remember Gandhi ji and his teachings to live a life with principles and honour. Gandhi Jayanti is one of the three national holidays of India, and we pay tribute to him by offering prayers and participating in services in his memory. He led a very simple life and preached to other people to do the same. 

Gandhi ji applied the same principle in his meals as well. He followed a vegetarian diet and ate very simple food all his life. Here are five dishes Bapu loved eating: 


The classic dal-chawal is a go-to meal for almost every Indian. Gandhi ji loved this combination, and it was a staple part of his diet. This comforting duo is a good source of carbohydrates and protein. Along with being healthy, it is also easy to prepare. In many parts of the country, dal-chawal is a compulsory item in the lunch menu. It is often paired with a stir-fried or curried sabzi. 


For drinks, Mahatma Gandhi preferred juices and squash and advised his followers to stay away from liquors. As Bapu went on many fasts, fresh juices were his main source of energy. Packed with several vitamins and minerals, they not only hydrate the body but also help in keeping the digestive system healthy. 


Apart from dal chawal, chapatis were another vital part of his meals. Being born in a Gujarati family, he grew up eating rotis and continued this habit for his whole life. Often paired with a curry or dal, chapatis are a staple in Indian meals and are mostly eaten for breakfast as well as dinner. Apart from whole wheat flour, millets like bajra can also be used to prepare chapatis. 


Commonly known as dahi, yoghurt is widely consumed all over the country. It has a soothing flavour and keeps you fresh all day long. Gandhi ji often preferred plain yoghurt in his meals. Made by fermenting milk, dahi is very good for our digestion. You can also add a little sugar or salt to enhance its taste. 


This was the favourite dessert of Mahatma Gandhi. Peda is a soft and thick mithai that is very popular in all parts of the country, mainly Gujarat. Though today, it is prepared with various flavourful ingredients like saffron and dry fruits, Gandhi ji only ate those which were made from the milk procured from local cows.