G20 2023: Chef Manish Mehrotra Curates A 7 Course Dinner

The weekend saw a buzz of activity as Delhi played host to an international cast of world leaders as the G20 Summit took place in the city. Alongside all the political duties, many events were curated for the wives and spouses of the leaders one of the most talked about being the lunch at the National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) curated by Chef Manish Mehrotra of Indian Accent. Chef Manish Mehrotra is well known for making waves abroad with his take on global Indian food. As one of the world ambassadors of Indian food himself, his name has become synonymous with Indian fine dining. 

At a table laden with Jasmine flowers, they dined at the National Gallery of Modern Art as an extension of the 'Roots and Routes: Past Present and Continuous' exhibition, which delves into India's rich heritage and artistic achievements, conducted by the spouses of G20 leaders attending the New Delhi Summit. The Culture Ministry issued a statement describing the exhibition as an exploration of India's cultural heritage, ethos, and interconnectedness. The exhibition presents a diverse and opulent narrative, drawing from archaeological artefacts, literature, numismatics, epigraphy, and paintings, all rooted in Indian sagas.

Millets and local vegetables were the heroes of the hour as the lunch showcased the best of the best of India’s local and seasonal produce. he luncheon featured a diverse menu, offering delectable Indian dishes such as 'Tadka dal,' 'jowar roti,' and 'chaat,' among others. Additionally, the spouses and family members of the Heads of State were treated to dishes like 'Pumpkin and Coconut Shorba,' 'Naga Black Rice Bhel,' 'Beetroot and Peanut Butter Tikki,' and 'Bengal Mustard.' The menu also included delights like 'Anar Kulfi Sorbet,' 'Slow Roast Pumpkin with Coconut Curry,' 'Appalam,' 'Wild Nettle Raita,' 'Herb Jowar Roti,' 'Coconut and Curry Leaf Pulao.' Notably, guests savoured a dessert inspired by Haji Ali, known as 'Custard Apple Cream.' 

The exclusive luncheon and the NGMA exhibition were arranged as part of the auxiliary events of the two-day G20 Summit, which commenced on Saturday at the newly constructed international convention and exhibition centre known as Bharat Mandapam, located in Pragati Maidan. Earlier in the day, the spouses of several world leaders visited the Pusa campus to gain insights into millet farming.