G20 Summit 2023: Spouses Of World Leaders To Enjoy Special Menu
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An exclusive event is being organised for the spouses of participating leaders of the G20 Summit, all set to take place in New Delhi, September 8-10 onwards. Jaipur House, the historic landmark situated near Rajpath, will be the venue where an all-vegetarian lunch for the spouses will be hosted, followed by a visit to the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) in Pusa. A specially designed menu, consisting of many millet-based dishes is set to be on the cards, in preparation for this dignitary lunch.

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In anticipation of their visit, nine millet crops – including jowar, bajra, ragi, sama ke chawal and kodo millet have been planted – to showcase India’s work in nurturing the inclusion of millets in everyday diets. Apart from a very busy itinerary, the spouses of world leaders – some of whom include Jill Biden, Akshata Murthy, Brigitte Macron, among others, will also drop by the National Gallery of Modern Art to take a look at the vast collection of paintings, sculptures and photographs.

Celebrity chefs Kunal Kapur, Ajay Chopra and Anahita Dhondy are expected to join two experts from the ITC Group - Kusha Mathur and Nikita Mehra - to put together this lunch. A 'live cooking area' is expected to be set up where the full course meal will be prepared fresh. Appetisers, salads and desserts consisting of millet-based dishes are said to be part of this expansive menu. The spouses of attending dignitaries are also set to interact with farmers and agro-based startups to gain insight into India's rich agricultural heritage. Some of the themes intended to be covered at this exhibition are 'Climate Smart Agriculture', 'Innovating the Agriculture Value Chain', 'Revolutionizing Agri-logistics and Supply Chains', 'Quality Assurance for Sustainable Consumption' and 'Millets: Sustaining Health, Empowering Agriculture'.

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As 2023 has been declared the International Year of Millets in an initiative championed by PM Modi, the ancient grains are all set to be spotlighted during the course of the three-day event; including the main summit as well as sideline events. Millet-based dishes have been consistently featured across various G20 events held across the country, earlier this year. The 18th G20 Summit is all set to showcase Indian regional delicacies from across the country in a spectacle like no other. This will also include street food from Chandni Chowk, along with millet-based delicacies like ragi litti-chokha, barley kheer and more.