FSSAI Tags Yak As Food Animal: Benefits Of Yak Milk And More
Image Credit: Chhurpi Cheese made from Yak milk.

Dairy products are known to provide one’s body with a host of nutrients. From calcium to protein and Vitamin D, milk is said to improve and enhance one’s bone health, while maintaining the bone and muscle mass and providing energy to the body. However, the milk obtained from different animals contains all these nutrients in different quantities.

To date, cow and buffalo milk has been the most widely consumed in the country. But a recent regulation by the FSSAI has introduced us to yak too. While the benefits of yak and yak-based products have been known to us for a long time, it was in the latest report generated by the authority that yak was declared a food animal.  

Following the recommendation by the Department of Animal Husbandry And Dairying, yak was categorised as part of the conventional dairy and meat industries. How does it benefit us? Well, yak is one of the few animals that can be reared in the cold climatic conditions of the Himalayas. Until now, yak and its by-products - like milk, ghee, and paneer - were not commercially supplied.  

Yak Cheese 

But with the recent move, yak milk will now be available easily in many parts of the country. This milk is over 5% protein, a good amount of solids as well as nearly 5% lactose. Rich in good fats and other nutritional properties, yak milk can now also be used for making and supplying chhurpi cheese, paneer, and more. Even yak meat, which is a kind of lean meat and is healthy, can be consumed.