From Makhana Kulfi To Kheer: Go Nuts Over Fox Nuts With These 5 Navratri Desserts

The much-awaited Hindu festival Navratri is here. Even though this is our second year in the pandemic, but our festive spirit has not taken a hit. We have now learned the art of making our festivities an intimate but equally joyous affair. The nine-day celebration commences from 7th October and ends on 15th October 2021. In Navratri, Hindus worship the nine incarnations of Goddess Durga. They wake up early, perform pujas, make delicious prasad and bhog for the deity. 

Once the offerings are made to God, it is time for us to gorge upon the delightful treats, most of which are vegetarian and Satvik in nature. Since many people observe the Navratri fast or vrat, a lot of these delicacies do not feature grains, pulses, legumes or even common salt. Hence, the options are limited, but this is also time for vrat superfoods like sabudana (tapioca), kuttu (buckwheat) and singhare ka atta (water chestnut flour) to shine and show just about how versatile they are. Another incredibly favourite vrat food is Makhana or fox nuts, which could infuse life into your Navratri desserts most effortlessly.

1. Orange-Makhana Kheer

Soft and puffy fox nuts sedulously cooked with milk, sugar and cardamom until thick. Orange bits offer delightful citrusy punch.

2. Rose Makhana Kheer

Another Makhana Kheer recipe because, well, we are obsessed, and there are just endless permutations and combinations as to how you can give this classic dish your spin. Here, it is the fragrant rose petals that elevate the dessert to a whole new level. This soft and comforting kheer is all you need after a day full of fasting.

3. Makhana Kulfi

Why stop at kheer when you can make a kulfi? All you need is full-fat milk, lotus seed powder, cardamom powder, sugar, dry fruits of your choice and a pinch of salt, and it is advised you use rock salt instead of table salt. Set the kulfi in Kulfi moulds or kulhads and munch on when cravings hit.

4. Kesari Makhana Phirni

When there’s kheer on the list, how can Phirni be left far behind? Phirni is a slow-cooked Indian rice pudding. But since you cannot use rice in your vrat delicacies, you can make your phirni with fox nuts. Make sure you add a tinge of saffron if you can for the royal appeal.

5. Makhana Gulkand Barfi

Your regular Barfi just got a crunchy upgrade. This delectable barfi made with rose preserve, desiccated coconut, cashews, makhana, ghee and cardamom melts in your mouth before you realise it.

Besides desserts, you can also use makhana to make various dishes, such as makhana namkeen or makhana curry. Makhana is incredibly nutritious and is a perennial favourite of many of our Bollywood stars like Sonam Kapoor. Navratri or no Navratri, makhanas have our heart for their crunch and flavour, and it is time you give it the due attention it deserves in your kitchen as well.

Have a Happy Navratri, everybody.