From Frappe To Smoothie: 5 Chocolatey Coolers For Summer
Image Credit: Unsplash

The summer season is all about trying different types of shakes and coolers to keep yourself hydrated and beat the heat. But drinking the same old cold coffee or iced tea can get boring after a while. But why are you settling with your regular mojito or mango shakes when you can add the goodness of chocolate and make your beverages more indulgent?

So, if you are someone who has a sweet tooth and loves chocolate, here are some chocolate coolers that you should try. From frothy frappuccinos to chocolate smoothies, read on and explore more recipes that can keep you refreshed. Ditch your boring mocktails, pick some chocolate sauce and have the best icy beverages this summer.

Chocolate Banana Smoothie

For a nutritious yet chocolatey drink, you should go for chocolate banana smooth. You can take some fresh bananas and blend them with yoghurt, milk, honey, and cocoa powder. Blend till you get a consistent smoothie, and then add ice cubes and give a last swirl. Pour the smoothie into a glass with some chocolate sauce and bottoms up.


If you are someone who loves coffee and chocolate, try to make a frappuccino, and you’ll thank yourself all summer long. Just take a brewed cup of coffee and let it chill. Then, blend it with chilled milk, powdered sugar, chocolate sauce, and ice cubes. Pour the frappe into a tall glass and add whipped cream on the top. You can also add coffee beans for garnishing and enjoy the rich flavours.

Chocolate Bubble Tea

Bubble tea lovers, assemble! To make chocolate bubble tea at home, get some Bobas (the bubbles) that you need to put in your tea and add them to a glass. Then, you can make a classic chocolate-flavoured iced tea with brewed tea, chilled milk, chocolate sauce, and crushed ice. Finally, pour the tea into the glass with Boba and enjoy your icy beverage.

Chocolate Almond Shake

The chocolate almond shake is a classic summer drink that keeps you hydrated and is filled with the goodness of almonds. You make this beverage by taking some melted chocolate, almond milk, powdered sugar, and ice cubes and blending them in an electric mixer or with a hand blender. Pour the frothy shake into a glass and relish your summer drink.

Mint Chocolate Cooler

If you are looking for a cooler that’s filling, hydrating, and refreshing, go for a mint chocolate cooler. You can make this cooler by blending chocolate pieces, chopped mint leaves, chilled milk, and powdered sugar. After you get a uniform consistency, add ice cubes and blend again. Now, all that’s left is for you to pour it into a glass and have the flavours of mint and chocolate.