From Chole To Biryani: Anupam Kher Binged All Weekend
Image Credit: Anupam Kher/Instagram, He was seen digging into delectable treats from morning to evening.

Whenever we think of veteran actors like Anupam Kher, it is usually their great performances that we remember. What we tend to forget is the lesser-known aspects of their personality. For instance, Anupam is a hard-core foodie. Did you know about this? Well, the actor’s recent indulgence would have made it pretty clear for all those in doubt because he seemed to have enjoyed everything on his plate - from biryani to chole.

Born into a Kashmiri pandit family, Anupam has been deeply connected to his roots. Time and again, we’ve seen him craving and relishing Kashmiri food. While most of the time, the actor is hosted by his friends and family, this weekend he had some of his friends over for dinner. On Saturday, the actor was enjoying the company of his actor Satish Kaushik, along with another friend. On the table, we could spot numerous dishes - ranging from a delectable biryani to fish tikka, chicken tikka, saag, keema, and more.  

Lavish Indian Feast

This indulgent dinner spread was actually prepared because of a surprise visit by his friends to his place. After the delicious feast on a Saturday night, we thought that Anupam might want to keep things light on a Sunday but he was found drooling over a lavish breakfast spread the next day too. Working on an upcoming project, the actor was at a co-worker’s place and turns out, she made some of his favourite dishes for breakfast.

On the menu, there was chole or chana masala, some dahi chaat, a variety of sandwiches as well as dhoklas and some parathas. He captioned it saying, “Today looks like my cheat day”. However, we know that the actor has been bingeing on good food all weekend. In the background, we can hear him asking the co-worker whether this is actually all that she’s made for breakfast alone.

He also notices that all his favourite foods are there on the table and she remarks that she has researched and made all the dishes that Anupam likes. While it is a really sweet gesture, Anupam Kher can’t wait to dig into all the tempting food that waits for him. After this weekend, the 67-year-old actor’s love for food needs no proof.