All About Anupam Kher’s Love For His Native Kashmiri Food
Image Credit: Anupam Kher/Instagram, Delectable Kashmiri spread for the actor.

The paradise-like scenic beauty of Kashmir is no stranger to us. What’s more is its rich and hearty fare that is replete with meat curries, kormas, kebabs, and biryanis. Paired with the regional flatbreads, the meal becomes wholesome and delightful. And for people like Anupam Kher, the native food of his home still continues to charm him and tickle his taste buds. For those unaware of this fact, Anupam hails from the beautiful valley of Kashmir. A Kashmiri Pandit by origin, the actor has been settled in Mumbai for years but his heart still yearns for a creamy yakhni or a rich Kashmiri biryani.

The immense love and passion that the 67-year-old actor shares for his native food is quite evident on his Instagram. Time and again, Anupam has given us glimpses of his Kashmiri spread as well as expressed how happy he’s felt after relishing it. Recently, something similar happened when he took to his stories to give us a sneak peek into his Kashmiri lunch at a friend’s place. After taking a break from his shoot on set, the former FTII chairman headed towards the lunch table where an entire Kashmiri feast was awaiting him.

We could spot several traditional delicacies on his Kashmiri menu for the day. There were meaty curries like chicken and mutton curry. Then there were some fried snacks along with Kashmiri dum aloo and raita on the side. The sight of his lavish spread was surely making us drool when we heard him thanking everyone for the meal as well as sharing his happiness through his tone and words. Earlier this year too, Anupam was seen digging into authentic Kashmiri food at his brother’s house. 

Source: Shutterstock

He posted stories of each of the dishes on the menu where he expressed that dum aloo was his favourite dish from the lot, followed by palak ki sabzi and chaman, a Kashmiri paneer curry. An orange curry made with yoghurt and a host of spices, this is an authentic dish from the region. Anupam is such a fan of Kashmiri food that when he’s in the country or outside for work, he tends to send his love and affection for his native cuisine from across the world virtually too.