Savour Some Chaaman Qaliya And Kashmiri Mutton Kofta Recipe By Chef Rahul Wali
Image Credit: An array of Kashmiri dishes/ Pic- Ayandrali Dutta

Much has been said and written about this intricate cuisine from one of the most beautiful part of our country- Kashmir. Kashmir just not only offers some of the most mesmerising locations but also a wide range of lip smacking and exotic delicacies. Whenever we think of Kashmiri cuisine we think if Wazwan but there is much more to it in the cuisine. From flavours to textures everything in this this cuisine is deep in history and tradition. 

Chef Rahul Wali who was born in Srinagar, J&k but grew up in Mumbai and Pune and After completing my bachelors in Hotel management from Pune gained extensive experience with well-known brand names like Oberoi Towers , The Oberoi Mumbai, says What I think makes the dishes unique and special is that there is no additional flavours used like no Onion, tomato, garlic. It's brings out the best of flavours from the ingredients with limited spices used.

Here's two exclusive recipe by Chef himself. 

Chaaman Qaliya- (Paneer simmered in milk with turmeric and Kashmiri Powder spices)- This is a Kashmiri styled dish where the paneer is slowly simmered in milk while it basks in the flavours of cardamom.

Paneer Chamaan Qaliya


Paneer- 300gms

Mustard Oil- 300ml for frying, 100ml for cooking

Cumin seeds- 1tsp

Green Cardamom-3-4 pods

Bay leaf- 1no.

Clove- 2-3 no

Turmeric powder-3tsp

Fennel powder - 1tsp

Dry ginger powder- 1/2 tsp

Salt- to taste

Water- as required

Kasuri methi- 1tsp


1. Heat mustard Oil in a kadai for frying. 

2.Cut paneer in 1/2 inch cubes. 

3. Deep fry till golden brown edges. Remove and keep the fried cubes in room temperature water.

4. In a separate pot add mustard oil, when hot, Add cumin seeds, green cardamom pods, bay leaf, clove, sauté for few seconds  

5. Add turmeric powder sauté for few seconds and immediately add 1/4th cup water to make sure the turmeric does not burn. 

6.  Strain paneer cubes and add fried paneer cubes to the pan and saute for a minute.

7. Add salt, fennel powder, and dry ginger powder. Mix well.

 8.Add hot water till the half level of paneer. Let it boil on slow heat. 

9. As soon as the curry is boiled add milk. Sprinkle with kasuri methi and Garam masala powder and mix well. 

10. Cover the pot and cook on slow flame for 10 minutes. Check for seasoning and Serve hot with plain basmati rice. 

Kashmiri Mutton Kofta Recipe – this minced meat dish sees a mix all the spices is a tangy flavoured dish. 

Kashmiri Kofta Curry



Mutton Keema (minced meat raan) – 1 kg

Ghee/Mustard oil – 1 tbsp

Dry ginger powder – 1 tsp

Saunf – 1 tsp

Red chilli powder – 1 tsp

Asafoetida – 1 tsp

Yogurt – 1 tbsp

Garam masala powder – 1 tsp

Oil for greasing hands

Salt – 1 tsp

Ingredients B

Mustard oil – 1/2 cup

Cloves – 3

Cumin seeds – 1 tsp

Asafoetida – 1 tsp

Chilli powder – 1/2 to 1 tsp

Turmeric powder – 1 tsp

Yogurt – 1/2 cup

Sugar – 1 tsp

Dry ginger powder – 1 tsp

Saunf – 2 tsp

Garam masala powder – 1 tsp

Ghee – 1 tbsp

Salt – 1 tsp


1. Mutton keema cut should be from raan and should be minced twice in the machine. 

2. To the mince add Salt, Ghee/Mustard oil, Dry ginger powder, Saunf, Red chilli powder, Asafoetida, Yogurt, Garam masala powder ( from Ingredients A list). Mix well and keep it in refrigerator for 10-15minutes. 

3. Greas your plams with little oil. Divide mince mixture into 30 to 40 grams portions. After greasing the right hand palm, shape each ball into a kofta which should be about 3 inch long and cylindrical in shape and round at the ends.

4. Take a deep kadai. Heat the oil on the kadai to smoking point. Add cloves, cumin seeds and asafoetida. 

5.  Reduce the heat. Add chilli powder, turmeric powder and 1/4 cup of water. Keep stirring till oil begins to separate.

6. Add half a cup of well beaten yogurt and continue stirring till the yogurt blends into the gravy. Now add half a litre of water, ginger powder, aniseed powder and salt. Stir and mix well. 

7. Place all the koftas, one by one, gently in the vessel and continue to cook on low heat for 15 minutes to half an hour, till most of the water disappears and the gravy thickens and oil begins to separate again. 

8. Add ghee and the garam masala powder and mix by holding the kadai with a pair of tongs or cloth and start swirling it around.

9. Check for seasoning and serve hot with plain basmati rice.