From Chilla To Dhokla: All That You Can Make For Breakfast With Besan
Image Credit: Unsplash, Are you ready for a besan treat?

As soon as you get up in the morning, the first thing that strikes foodies like us is the thought of breakfast. We need that solid source of nutrition right in the morning to keep ourselves energized and active. There are a host of breakfast dishes that you can prepare at home and keep yourself satiated until lunch time. This allows you to function better and work more efficiently. Moreover, if you haven’t noticed, the word breakfast when broken down, actually refers to breaking down one’s fast. Since you haven’t eaten anything after dinner until the next morning when you wake up, it is important fuel the body with some food and energy. 

In most North Indian households, parathas or flatbreads are a common breakfast dish. In areas like Mumbai, pav is a usual suspect. What this means is that bread, in some form or another is consumed for breakfast in several parts of India. Being a carb-rich country, this is quite expected. Flours of various kinds are used to make these breads. Not only are the stuffed aloo and dal parathas popular, people also alternate whole wheat with other kinds of flour to lend the breakfast some more variety and nutrition. Jowar,bajra, ragi and many other millet-based flours are useful in this regard. 

Another commonly-eaten flour is gram flour. Referred to as besan in most Indian homes, this is made by grinding chickpeas. Besan has a rich nutrient-profile, providing us with an abundance of iron and protein. The soluble fibre present in gram flour makes it healthy for your heart and keeps the cholesterol levels low. Now, if you’re wondering how to include it in your diet, we’ve got some superb ideas. 

Make these easy breakfast dishes with besan and never complain about a boring breakfast. 

1.  Besan Chilla 

Quick, easy and tasty is what best describes this recipe. Chilla, for the unversed, is a kind of Indian pancake that is crispy and light. The besan chilla is made by mixing besan with water to form a semi-thick batter. Chopped onions, coriander leaves and a couple of other vegetables are added to the mix along with a few spices. This is poured on a pan and cooked from both sides. You can serve it crisp with some tomato ketchup. 

2.  Besan Dhokla 

The popular Gujarati snack that is often featured on breakfast tables too is dhokla. Also called khaman dhokla, this spongy-square shaped breakfast dish is made from fermented rice and besan. The yellow colour and the earthy flavour comes from the use of this flour. It is often eaten with a green chilli. 

3.  Besan Paratha 

Like we mentioned before, flatbreads or parathas can be made from anything and everything. This yummy paratha is made by combining besan and wheat flour and kneading a dough of the two. This paratha is usually served with a bowl of curd. 

4.  Besan Bread Toast 

A crispy and tasty breakfast, the bread slices are dipped in a bowl of gram flour mixture. This is then shallow-fried on a pan and served as a crunchy besan toast.