6 Best Sweet Potato Snacks To Relish This Winter

Winter brings a lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables to the plate that are nutritious along with being tasty. Guavas, cauliflower, spinach, oranges, grapes, carrots, radishes and peas are some of the most popular fresh produce of this season in India. Loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, these fruits and vegetables are very versatile and can be incorporated in every meal of the day. 

Sweet potato is another special delight of the winter. As per U.S Department of Agriculture, 100 g of raw sweet potato is rich in protein, dietary fibre, magnesium and vitamin C. Commonly known as shakarkand in India, this root vegetable has a creamy texture with a sweet-spicy flavour. Sweet potatoes can be used for both savoury as well as sweet recipes. 

Some popular sweet potato dishes in India are curry, stir-fried, paratha, soup, kheer and halwa. However, this nutritious and tasty vegetable can also be used as an alternative to various unhealthy winter snacks. From fries to chaat, here are six sweet potato snacks you can prepare at home during the chilly season: 

Sweet Potato Tikki

Perfect to pair with your evening tea, this tikki or cutlet is made by combining sweet potatoes with yam and potatoes. They are soft in texture and have a subtle taste. The main seasonings of this snack are coriander powder, cumin powder, garam masala and amchur. You can also add oats to make it more nutritious. Seve the tikkis hot with ketchup or any of your favourite chutneys. 

Sweet Potato Fries 

Ditch your regular potato fries and relish this baked delight during winter. Sweet potato fries are a perfect combination of sweet, crunchy and spicy taste. As it is baked rather than being fried, this snack can be a great addition to your gym diet as well. Toss the fries with ground black pepper and garlic powder before serving. 

Sweet Potato Chaat 

This is one of the easiest chaats you can prepare at home. Made with boiled sweet potatoes, chaat masala, olive oil, lemon juice and chutneys (mainly tamarind and cilantro chutneys), this snack-cum-appetiser is also garnished with sev, peanuts, pomegranate arils. If you want to make this dish a little spicier, sprinkle some chilli powder before serving. 

Baked Sweet Potato Chips 

Who can say no to thin and crispy potato chips? They are extremely delicious and very addictive. However, store-bought potato chips are considered unhealthy. So, let's make sweet potato chips at home this winter. Easy to prepare, this baked snack uses minimal ingredients like sliced sweet potato, olive oil and salt. These chips are perfect for any time of the day.  

Roasted Sweet Potato

If you want to enjoy a filling snack with very few ingredients, then roasted sweet potato is perfect for you. It is very popular in East Asian countries like China, Vietnam and Korea. To prepare this treat at home all you need is chopped sweet potatoes and your favourite spice and herbs like garlic powder, paprika, salt and oregano. 

Sweet Potato Toast

This root vegetable can also be used to make a filling toast for winter evenings. All you have to do is slice the sweet potatoes and bake them in the oven to perfection. Then season it with salt and pepper and serve hot with your favourite toppings like vegetables, fruits, peanut butter, cream cheese, maple syrup or hummus.