Forget Thin-Crust, This Monaco Pizza Is A Desi Twist To The Italian Recipe
Image Credit: Screengrab of video/Instagram, Would you like to try this Monaco pizza?

For all the millennials and Gen Z population, going out for a treat with friends usually comprises of pizza and pasta. These two internationally-acclaimed dishes have become quite commonplace, particularly in urban settlements. Haven’t we all come across the meme of having that last slice of pizza? And some of us may have experienced it too. Pizza, for the unversed, is a baked Italian dish which comprises of a base made from dough and topped with all kinds of vegetables, sauces, meats and cheese. Pizzas come in various forms, ranging from thick crust to medium and thin-crust varieties. 

Did you know that pizza was actually food for the working class in Naples? It was only when it travelled to United States that it gained prominence among the masses, so much so that you have popular pizza in the US too like the deep-dish Chicago pizza. However, we realized that you don’t have to go the extra mile just to bake pizzas. This Ahemdabad food stall is making Monaco pizzas and winning hearts. Here’s how the bite-sized pizzas look like.