These 4 Foods Don’t Require Cooking; Find Out More
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People pay much attention to their meals, especially by consuming nutritious food items. But it will only benefit your health when you also know its proper method of consumption. More than what you are eating, it’s essential to understand how you are eating your food. Every item has a distinct taste, and the way of eating it is also different. For example, some foods should be eaten raw, as they lose their nutritional value when heated. At the same time, experts believe that raw food provides the necessary elements to maintain physical health. They are beneficial because our body does not get the essential nutrients when the food is cooked, boiled, roasted or fried. Many a time, cooking weakens our digestive power. 

Today, we will tell you about four items that shouldn’t be cooked

  1. Don’t cook broccoli: Do you boil or cook your broccoli before eating? ? You shouldn’t do that. Instead, broccoli should be eaten raw. It’s a nutritious vegetable, rich in Vitamins A and C, potassium and protein. So, it’s better to eat the vegetable plain because you will not be able to get its nutritional value when cooked.
  2. Don’t cook red capsicum: Do you cook red capsicum and think it will benefit your health? If so, you’re mistaken. First, remember that red capsicum should never be cooked. Instead, it should be eaten raw. Because when we cook it, the level of Vitamin C and other nutrients significantly decreases.
  3. Don’t cook coconut: We often use coconut in many recipes, but it should be eaten raw. Many nutrients found in coconut-like magnesium, sodium and potassium - give energy to the body. But when you eat it after cooking, all its nutrients are lost. So, it is better to eat it raw and make it healthy.
  4. Don’t roast dry fruits and nuts: Never cook dry fruits and nuts. They should always be eaten raw because only then it’s beneficial for our body. Because when we fry them, the calorie present in them increases, causing a risk of obesity.

Apart from this, raw mango, tamarind, green gram, mint and green coriander are better to eat raw than cooked.